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29 September 2017

Analyze your IGC logs and plan flights.


iSoar is software for the glider, paraglider, and hang-glider pilot. It has two main functions: analysis of IGC log files, and generate flight plans.

  • OS X native
  • OLC optimisation
  • Charron optimisation
  • Suitable for gliders, hang-gliders, and para-gliders
  • IGC file is stored on disk
  • Plot logged flight on the map; colour-coded, depending on altitude
  • Display multiple flights
  • Flight replay function
  • Plot declared task on map
  • Plot circling and thermal data
  • Detailed circling analysis
  • Detection of left/right turns
  • Dragging the time line in the barogram will move the glider symbol
  • Recorded engine noise is plotted in barogram
  • Vertical profile of airspace in barogram
  • Detect free flight from release from tow/winch to landing, or engine start/stop; multiple engine starts can be detected and the largest free flight is calculated
  • The start/finish of free flight can be manually adjusted
  • Detection of FAI triangle
  • Automatic import of Welt2000 database
  • Automatic import of elevation data
  • Import waypoint files
  • Import of airspace
  • Vertical profile of airspace when clicking on the map
  • Fully configurable airspace colour and opacity
  • Configurable for metrer-feet, km/h-kts
  • Plan flights with simple clicking and dragging

What's new in iSoar

Version 1.5.1:
  • Updated for MacOS High Sierra.
  • Small bug fixes.

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12 August 2019
Version: 1.5.1

Most helpful

Great and unique application for Mac. Thank you.
12 August 2019
Version: 1.5.1
Great and unique application for Mac. Thank you.