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07 February 2017

Don't forget to lock your Mac.


screenLock allows you to use your mobile phone (or any other bluetooth-enabled portable device) to remember the user to lock their Mac before leaving their desk. When you walk away from your Mac without locking the screen, it will automatically launch a message to inform you that you have forgotten an essential behaviour within an unsafe environment: to lock the screen. Optionally you'll be informed regarding any activities by sound and/or notification.

How To Start:
  • Activate the bluetooth hardware on your Mac,
  • select the App's Preferences from the title menu bar,
  • choose the appropriate bluetooth device to be watched,
  • save the settings by closing the preferences window with the OK button.
  • You will notice the readiness of the application by the changed title menu icon from questionmark to the open lock (or, in case of an unreachable device, a closed lock).

What's new in screenLock

Version 1.8:
  • Status informations in the alternate menu included
  • Temporary disabling of screenLock via menu available

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