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31 March 2020

Secure browser based on Chromium code.


The Iridium browser is based on the Chromium code base. All modifications enhance the privacy of the user and make sure that the latest and best secure technologies are used. Automatic transmission of partial queries, keywords, and metrics to central services is prevented, and only occurs with the approval of the user. In addition, all our builds are reproducible and modifications are auditable, setting the project ahead of other secure browser providers.

  • Speed - Iridium is just fast in any way. It starts very fast and loads and renders also very complex web sites really fast.
  • Privacy - Chromium (which Iridium is based on) is a very secure browser, yes. But it does call home to Google. And we did even more to enhance security to the maximum extent possible. Iridium has various enhancements where it forces strict security to provide the maximum level of security without compromising compatibility.
  • Transparency - With Iridium the whole process is entirely transparent. The public Git repository allows a direct view on all changes made. The complete source code is therefore available.
  • Ease-of-Use - Just anybody can use Iridium right away. It is simple and easy to handle, it does not require any special knowledge at all.

The MU download link loads the "Standard Release" version, which contains free media codecs; the link for the "Extra Release", which contains non-free media codecs, can be found in Related Links.

What's new in Iridium

Version 2020.01.79.0:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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