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Kensington MouseWorks contains the drivers for the Kensington Mouseball or Trackball.
What's New
Version 3.0r1:

This version supports all Kensington USB and ADB mice and trackballs except:

  • One-button mice
  • Turbo Mouse 1.0-4.0 (the older, 2-button models)
  • Orbit 3D and Orbit Elite
  • ValuMouse products
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
  • Kensington Mouseball or Trackball

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ver. 3.x:
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Albabe commented on 12 Mar 2014
Driver download no longer works. :(
[Version 3.0r1]


Melodyman reviewed on 06 Aug 2011
I have an older Mac G5 Power PC, and my mouse sometimes would freeze on me for a few seconds. I have the latest driver of Mouse Works, and I used to have an extended cord, but removed that, but it is connected to a hub, and not directly to the computer, but I don't believe that this is the problem. Can anyone help?
[Version 3.0r1]


JShell reviewed on 20 Jul 2011
(Mac OS X 10.6.8/wireless Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro)
I Downloaded and installed twice with the same result:
In the system preferences I click on the MouseWorks icon and get a message that I need to quit system prefernces and reopen. I click OK and get the error message "MouseWorks driver not found"
Tried several times w/o luck. Seems to me that Kensington is no longer supporting the Turbo Mouse Pro
[Version 3.0r1]


Foulger commented on 03 Sep 2010
USB Overdrive runs them all very well
[Version 3.0r1]


Pacman commented on 31 Aug 2010
Same problem with the mouse flying to the top/left corner of the screen.
I have an optical ExpertMouse/USB (model K64325, which is not wireless) with 4 buttons and scroll-ring.
The trackball is awesome, even though there is a problem with the mouse running off when I need it.
-Anyway, I really wish Kensington would fix this problem.
I do think the problem is with the mouse driver, because I've installed the mouse driver on my PowerBook G4, and it does it too, even when there's no mouse/trackball attached. I can't say for certain, though; it could be the operating system or the specific mouse preference setting in OS X.
If the problem is not with MouseWorks, MouseWorks could perhaps be able to do a workaround (eg. testing for this particular 'incorrect data stream'.
[Version 3.0r1]



Shadow Ray reviewed on 04 Jul 2010
Abandonware 101.

This software currently works for me on my old mouse and is good but Kensington stopped updating it in 2006. So any mice released by them since then are probably not compatible (I just purchased a basic 5 button mouse from them and it's Windows only) and the software may break at anytime, leaving your hardware investment in the lurch.

Solution? Do not buy Kensington mice.
[Version 3.0r1]


mday commented on 23 Jun 2010

I own a half dozen Optical Orbit Trackballs because this hardware gem cured me and my family of repetitive stress injury in the wrist and elbow areas. Mouseworks was hands down some of the best mouse/trackball software I have used...ever. I am sure there are MILLIONS of people around the globe who would agree. For this reason their lack of support for the last 4 years is absolutely inexcusable.

Today my wife noticed that Kensington had released their new software for the Orbit.

This software is one tenth of what mouseworks was and...
it took me almost an hour to get all of it off my computer
and my old mouseworks software reinstalled.
LOTS of invisible files that their uninstaller leaves behind.

The worst aspect of this software is you can no longer assign settings
for each application making a fantastic piece of hardware now
not much more useful than a regular apple mouse.

Incidentally, I have never seen any third party company install any of their software into the APPLE UTILITIES folder. This is where they installed their uninstaller. I hope Apple busts them hard for that.
[Version 3.0r1]

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timsound2006 replied on 07 Feb 2011
Karunapod - I sincerely hope you can help me: What did you do to erase all the invisible files that the uninstaller left behind??? How can I get my mouse back and get MouseWorks working again? I hope you remember what you did or in general the approach/tools you used. Many people are suffering with this same horrible problem. thank you in advance!

mday replied on 07 Feb 2011
Use EasyFind or FindAnyFile
and make sure it's set to find invisibles.
If they don't delete easily from these two search apps...
when you find the rogue parts...
select reveal in finder and manually delete from there.
Or...use appdelete.

BTW...I am on 10.6.6 and using MSWKS 3 with no problems. cursor flies off the page occasionally
but I think that's a small price to pay.

I think it's the epitome of corporate policy abuse when a company refuses to continue developing one of the best pieces of mouse/trackball software ever writen and then...puts out its replacement which has 30 per cent the capacity that the legacy version had. There are countless people out here whose hand, or arm, or shoulder is really helped by using one of their devices. Personally, it would be hard to work on my mac without my Optical Orbit. It's criminal that they basically ignore us plus try to appease us with totally inferior software.

timsound2006 replied on 07 Feb 2011
Thank you so much for your reply...

I've tried EasyFind... all I could think to search for was "kensington" or "trackballworks", and I didn't find much of anything. Your original post mentioned "LOTS of hidden files", which took you an hour to remove. If you don't mind me imposing on your generosity once more.... could you provide any other suggestions? Or would this appdelete do the entire job? I'm not familiar with it but I'll look it up.

I'm glad to hear that you're successfully using MW3. I'm also on 10.6.6., and this whole endeavor is hinging on the assumption that it must be these hidden files left behind by TBW that somehow block MW from installing properly.

Thanks again for your help!!

mday replied on 10 Feb 2011
Sorry statement about an hour expressed more the emotion than the actual work...It took me a long time because I had never had to remove so many residual pieces of code. Hmmm...if I were you...believe it or not...I would reinstall the app and the start fresh with easyfind...or I would start over from scratch and use appdelete which I find perfectly effective 98 per cent of the time. If I remember's been awhile...I found in pieces in BOTH Library folders. If you get into a real jam let me know and I'll help if I can.

timsound2006 replied on 10 Feb 2011
Thanks for the advice and help, Karunapod. I deleted all the code on my computer, but MW still didn't run.

An engineer here at the company then performed what I think to be the definitive test:

He did a clean install of OSX 10.6.6 on a 2008 Mac Pro (without TrackBallWorks) and MouseWorks ran OK (in 32-bit mode, of course). He then did the same thing with a 2010 machine, like the one I'm using. MouseWorks would not run.

The conclusion is that something in the boot ROM of the Mac Pro 2010 model is different and fundamentally incompatible with MouseWorks 3.0r1. As fas as I can see, that settles it. As "progress" marches on, some things get left behind. Until Kensington improves their code, there's no going back to MouseWorks for me.

Mstielau commented on 09 Sep 2009
From Kensington tech support:

"We are sorry to inform you that the MouseWorks software is not compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard). We have no plan as of now to update the software, however we can only suggest you to check our website for any such update on the MouseWorks software."

Contrary to what this tech support person said, Mouseworks software does indeed continue to work on my Mac Pro with Snow Leopard installed. (There is something funny going on with the double-click speed which I can not quite figure out, but other than that, it still seems to function.)

When you click on Mouseworks in the control panel, a message comes up and says "To use the “MouseWorks” preferences pane, System Preferences must quit and reopen." When you click OK, it does what is says it would do and Mouseworks opens.
[Version 3.0r1]

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fasterthanu replied on 10 Sep 2009
but not working at all on 64 bits....

and kensington should keep up to date its products softwares on apple plateform a bit more
(... more than 1 year...)

i am not going to change my mouse or trackball each time there is a new osx upgrade!

Dana Sutton commented on 13 Mar 2008
This is a great utility that allows very flexible use of Kensington mice and trackballs, but now that Leopard has been released it is very much in need of an upgrade to take Leopard's new features into consideration (example of what I mean: one click option could now be to cycle through Spaces desktops)
[Version 3.0r1]

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Emjoy commented on 12 Sep 2010
You can still use a single click to open Spaces... just assign the button to "Open Application...", then point to Spaces in your Applications Folder. I'm using that particular mapping at work on Leopard, and it works just fine.

On the other hand, I would love to see another version that has the ability to assign the Application Switcher to a button and have it work the same as on the Mighty Mouse -- I love the application switcher's many features, but hate holding down the command key.

john-eli reviewed on 29 Aug 2007
I just need to say that at least for my setup, these drivers work just as they should.

I've used and Kensington trackballs since the Turbo Mouse 4.0 was a new product (deep into the ADB days), and the hardware has stayed great, in my opinion. The OS X software is no-doubt still less feature-rich than it was in an OS 9 version (version 5.x I think?), and I was very worried that this 3.0r1 version wouldn't work at all for Intel Macs, from the reviews here, on VersionTracker, and elsewhere. But for my Mac Mini Core 2 Duo, running 10.4.10, with the Turbo Mouse USB it works just fine.

It's as configurable & reliable as it was on my older PPC Macs. The acceleration works accurately, and the 'Slowly' and 'Quickly' thresholds are just where they should be, when I move the cursor slowly, it can really go VERY slowly, and ditto with quickly.

So I just wanted to say that my results actually installing it, were very good.
This, after fearing that it wouldn't work at all on Intel Macs, and thus trying USB Overdrive and SteerMouse, neither of which could do the very helpful chording feature that Kensington's MouseWorks driver can do (which adds 2 more button-functions to my 4-button trackball).

So you've kept me happy Kensington, though I'd love it if you could add some speed/acceleration options for the scrolling feature of my model trackball. I've had to settle for the Control-Drag feature in the fantastic program Saft, for great scrolling in Safari.

My advice is try it on your Intel Mac, if it doesn't work, use their good'n'simple un-install app included with the installer.
[Version 3.0r1]

Team Loco had trouble on 28 May 2004
With this new release, it doesn't work for me. I have uninstalled with the Kensington uninstaller and manually, and then tried reinstalling, but still nothing works. I open the pref pane and it says it is "Connecting to MouseWorks services", but then it says either it is unable to connect, or that the driver is not installed properly. I'm using a Quicksilver 733 G$, and the mouse is run through a 4 port usb hub, and it still does the same if plugged directly to the tower. Any suggestions? I've tried fixing permissions, emptying the caches, uninstalling, reinstalling, but nothing.

[Version 2.5r1]

Echo1 had trouble on 16 Apr 2004
First off, I love my Turbo Mouse...but, I just downloaded this new software and it can't find my Tourbo Mouse so that i can do a set up :-/
I have the 4 button, 5.0 model that it says it is supposed to work with. It has an adb to usb interface.
What to do?
[Version 2.5b1]

3 Replies

Anonymous commented on 19 Apr 2004
If you're connecting it directly to an ADB port (on a B&W G3, for example), it *should* work, and does in our tests here. In that case, you should email our beta tech support mentioned in the "How to Report a Bug" section in the Read Me file.
Anonymous commented on 29 Apr 2004
I've found that if both the AppleADBMouse.kext and the KensingtonMouseDriver.kext are in the ~/System/Library/Extensions folder, the mouse won't be seen. Remove the AppleADMMouse.kext and it should work.
Anonymous commented on 03 May 2004
I strongly recommend *against* removing AppleADBMouse.kext from your system. (In fact, I strongly recommend that NO user should ever touch the contents of the Extensions folder directly. You could seriously mess up your system that way...)

We should not be having a conflict with the Apple kext, and would rather make our driver work than recommend deleting important Apple files from your system. That's why I'm asking for people to file tech support emails -- it works here, and I'd like to know why it doesn't on other people's systems.

-->Steve Bennett


Genia rated on 27 Jul 2012

[Version 3.0r1]

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Kensington MouseWorks contains the drivers for the Kensington Mouseball or Trackball.

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