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29 March 2019

Document your coin collection.


Coins allows a hobbyist numismatist to easily import and record details of their coin or medal collection, including:

  • Catalog ID, description, denomination, year of issue, country, and category
  • Certificate of authenticity number
  • Vendor, website and valuation,
  • Purchased date, quantity and cost
  • Mark coins with estimated date, cost, duplicates or wishlisted
  • Grading (Sheldon, NGC and PCGS scales)
  • Rarity (URS and simplified R-1 to R-9 scales)
  • Mintage and mint marks
  • Diameter and weight
  • Composition
  • Miscellaneous notes
  • Photos of the coin or medal, invoice and certificate of authenticity (add images by drag and drop and a photo of a medal edge can be added for medal collectors under Preferences).

Coins allows you to import your coin or medal collection from a spreadsheet CSV file (with headers) to minimize re-keying of data and to export your collection as a CSV file (excludes photos) to share with other collectors. Also, a coin or medal can be duplicated which can be a template when adding coins or medals with similar data.

Your coin collection can be filtered by catalog ID, description, denomination, year, country, category, mint marks, duplicates, wishlist or text in notes. The denomination, year or country columns can be hidden (which is customizable in Preferences) for medal collectors which allows for filtering by description or category (or country if unhidden).

Images of your coins or medals can be viewed in the photo gallery and you can inquire on your portfolio profit as well as print listings, portfolio details, photo gallery or purchase history listing of your coin or medal collection.

What's new in Coins

Version 1.15:
  • Fixed issue with numeric sorting of catalog ID
  • Added Duplicates button and allowed multiple selected stamps to be duplicated
  • Changed Denomination to Face Value in Preferences
  • Financial information and reports will collate either search filtered or multiple selected stamps for their output
  • Changed Help menu's 'Email the Developer' to 'Contact Support' with default browser opening contact web page

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2 Reviews of Coins

15 September 2016
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

like to have but doubt it will work on my updated version
08 October 2019
Version: 1.15
Pretty awesome for a free app. The only thing I'm currently missing is the ability to copy a complete entry (a complete line) in a coin database, and copy it over to a second .coins document (a second database). In that case, though, you'd have to keep the numbered ID blank for the copied database info.
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15 September 2016
Version: 1.0
like to have but doubt it will work on my updated version
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