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24 September 2019

Record and play music back from a client-server.


Melobase is a client-server solution featuring a database, a sequencer for recording and playing back music sequences, a metronome with tap tempo capabilities, an editor, an embedded studio offering 128 General MIDI instruments and a drum set, an input from an external MIDI keyboard, a synthesizer, and a mixer with level and balance control. Melobase also provides the ability to import MIDI sequences and also to save your sequences on your computer as standard MIDI files or audio files.

What's new in Melobase

Version 1.4.9:
  • A stability issue when navigating in a track without bars;
  • The inability to quantize CC events;
  • Sustain low not always preceding sustain high if at the same tick;
  • Sustain not properly releasing note with sampler unit if there is a very small delay between off/on states;
  • Tempo and time signature events that may be pasted on other than the first track;
  • Note off events being misplaced in some conditions;
  • Recording containing only non-note events not being preserved;
  • Other minor fixes.

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