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Parallels Toolbox4.0.0

29 July 2020

Tools to simplify everyday tasks.


Parallels Toolbox offers a set of tools, with no complicated settings, to simplify everyday tasks.

  • Archive Your Files - Compress files with one click to use less storage space. Unarchive any archived files, RAR, zip, and more
  • Record Your Screen - Record a video of a screen, active window, or area
  • Take Screenshots - Screenshot a screen, active window, or area
  • Time Management - A set of handy, easy-to-use time management tools to keep you productive and on task
  • Convert A Video - Optimize your home movie or television shows for iPad or iPhone
  • Do Not Disturb - Avoid distractions so you can focus on the task at hand. When activated, all notifications and the Dock app animations are disabled
  • Do Not Sleep - Prevent your computer from going to sleep and your display from dimming. Ensure a task won’t be interrupted by disabling settings that would allow the computer to go to sleep
  • Download A Video - Download your favorite videos from the Internet: YouTube, Vimeo, and many more
  • Hide Desktop - Use this tool to hide all the files, folders, and other icons on your desktop when you’re doing a presentation, sharing or recording your screen, or taking screenshots
  • Lock Screen - Immediately lock your screen to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. No need to wait until the password-protected screen saver kicks in
  • Mute Your Microphone - Mute your computer’s microphone to prevent unauthorized or unwanted listening by other apps
  • Record Audio - Use this tool to record audio from your computer’s built-in microphone with a single click. You can record from an external microphone if it is selected as the input source in System Preferences > Sound

Note: price is for a yearly subscription. It includes new and updated tools.

What's new in Parallels Toolbox

Version 4.0.0:
New tools:
  • Window Manager - use this tool to automatically size windows on your Mac to predefined dimensions and positions.
  • Break Time - become more productive and healthy by using Break Time as a reminder to take regular breaks from your computer.
  • Unit Converter - convert units and currencies without having to choose various categories, simply input what you want to convert and see the results.
  • Show Desktop - clear your desktop from all open apps and folders with a single click.
New features:
  • New colorful tool icons to improve the overall look and feel, clarity and navigation.
  • Improved search for tools by entering various keywords into the Search field.
  • Support for conversion to MP3 in the Download Audio tool.
  • Improved discovery of purgeable files in the Clean Drive tool.
  • Improvements in the sound recording tools.
  • Improvements in the Resize Images tool.
  • Redesign of some dialogs to make them more clear and user friendly.
  • Other crash and bug fixes and stability enhancements.

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6 Reviews of Parallels Toolbox

22 February 2018
Version: 2.0.3

Most helpful

Quite possibly the best Alarm app availabe on any platform.
12 March 2018
Version: 2.0.1
Works very well under macOS 10.12.6.
22 February 2018
Version: 2.0.3
Quite possibly the best Alarm app availabe on any platform.
16 April 2017
Version: 1.5.2
I happen to love this toolbox. I find it very handy, and it doesn't use as many system resources as might be used if you chose to install separate applications for each tool. It could use some finish- some updates that accommodate the requests in their forum, but it's a great start, in my opinion. HOWEVER, people are right - this doesn't get 5 stars yet because there is NO direct way to turn it off. You CAN remove it from System Preferences Login Items, and it DOES stay off - over multiple restarts, it didn't respawn. But, as soon as you choose to run the application manually again, it puts itself in the Login items again. When this and some other functionality is fixed (cursors in screen captures, etc), it'll be a great tool!
19 October 2016
Version: 1.1.2
Most, of not all of these tools are already available for the Mac on MacUpdate, mostly for free. This strikes me as a grab for your wallet or purse. I gave up on Parallels a long time ago and switched to Fusion and never regretted it. However I have been recently informed that the Fusion development team is currently in a state of disarray so who knows what the future may bring. I just pray I will not have to go back to Parallels.
25 August 2016
Version: 1.0.1
This app may be useful but it has no preferences. If you remove it from your login items (system prefs>users & groups>login items), It will add itself back to the login items the next time you open it. There is no way to turn this "feature" off.....,
24 August 2016
Version: 1.0.0
Yuck! Yet more subscription software. Well, maybe it's cheaper than a Parallels 12 upgrade if all you need are the tools. No mention of which versions, besides Parallels 12, these tools work with. I actually use Parallels 11—in OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks. So I cannot use them in any case unless I upgrade OS X.

Or maybe these tools aren't for a VM at all, but are an independent product for the Mac. Not what I'd expect, but, hey, YMMV. And given the number of tools involved, maybe the subscription is a way to keep the price down, or to obscure the ongoing cost of ownership. Hard to say. I just have an aversion to subscription software. Then again, I'm a longtime Mac user so I already have apps to do almost everything Parallels Tools can do. However, if you haven't acquired a similar collection, perhaps these will appeal to you.

Maybe my confusion about the tools derives from the fact that they are included with a Parallels 12 upgrade, which makes the upgrade a good deal if you need the tools as well. In addition, compared to the cost of all the other apps I use, the price of the tools is great, if you don't already have a big investment in comparable apps. Color me on the fence.
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