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Chess Online

26 May 2017

Online chess.


Chess Online offers unlimited online rooms for chess players from all over the world to enjoin the favourite classic board game. Connecting with other players from iOS, Android and Mac OS platform, you can have fun with chatting, betting money, watching realtime feature. Everything is free and there is no ads in game. If you lose all money, you can receive daily support or buy money from the shop to continue to play.

  • Play without signing in or with game center account to be ranked.
  • Random matching with players in a particular chosen rank or all ranks.
  • Find an existing room by room id to meet your friends or family.
  • Watch whichever chess battle realtime with list of room from all over the world. You can also track the history of the battle to understand the game.
  • Create room with betting money, game time and max players that you want to challenge your friends.
  • Chat with your opponent in the live battle.
  • Support all current rules of chess game: castling, enpassant, pawn promotion.
  • Play agains yourself with clock to analyse your moves and improve your strategy, training yourself.

What's new in Chess Online

Version 2.1.2:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Fix minor bugs
  • Requirements for Chess Online

    • Intel 64
    • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later

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