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02 November 2016

Puts all your communication in one place.


Skrumble puts all your communication in one place, helping your team achieve their goals faster, easier, better.

With HD voice, video, screen share, file sharing, chat, and conferencing, your whole team is constantly in touch. Create separate channels for each project. With the ability to drag-and-drop files and complete searchability, your whole project can live in one place. Look and sound professional over the phone with your own extensions, departments, and your very own virtual receptionist.

What's new in Skrumble

Version 1.9.6:
  • Some users were unable to update/add their creditcard information
  • Saving directly to the conference-bridge in Call Routing caused some problems
  • If a user is logged out and invited/messaged to a new team
  • If a user cancels video/screenshare request before end user accepts crashes
  • Call forward always displays a different caller ID
  • Update button for version update
  • Notifications pushed down when notification is open
  • If a user is removed from a room during a call, call needs to disconnect and room needs to be removed.
  • Call transfer and dialpad cover the dock when theyre opened during a call
  • Transferring a call during a call without entering any info in
  • Transferred call displays return to call banner
  • User should be able to trigger 'Do Not Disturb' function by clicking anywhere in the appropriate box
  • Calling a user after checking voicemail displays large voicemail icon in call screen
  • New team created within the app displays prev. team info

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