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30 October 2019

Convert WordPerfect docs to MS Word or LibreOffice format.


WPWordConverter is an AppleScript application that converts WordPerfect documents into Word (DOCX or DOC) or PDF documents using a combination of the open-source libwpd conversion filter (enclosed in the application) and an existing copy of Microsoft Word 2016 already installed on your system. If you do not have Word 2016 installed, the application uses built-in OS X tools to complete the conversion, but the results will not be as good as they would be with Word. If you do not have Word 2016 installed, but you do have LibreOffice installed, change the name of the application to WPLibreConverter, and it will use your existing copy of LibreOffice to complete the conversion. By default, files are saved in DOCX format. See the product page for information on how to output DOC or PDF files instead.

What's new in WPWordConverter

Version 2019.10.30
  • Notarized for Catalina

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