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010 Editor

02 January 2018

Professional text and hex editing.


010 Editor is a professional text and hex editing with binary templates technology.

What's new in 010 Editor

Version 8.0.1:
  • Fixed crash on macOS using Printf and %Lx or %Ld in certain cases.
  • Fixed templates with a file mask but no ID bytes were not being executed when a data file was opened.
  • Fixed possible crashes in Find and Replace with Regular Expressions that use ^ or $.
  • Fixed when installing on Mac, path info is added to .profile if it exists and .bash_profile does not.
  • Fixed crash passing variables of the wrong type to user functions in certain cases.
  • Fixed crash using Ctrl+Enter when certain panels were displayed.
  • Fixed crash using ++ or -- operators on a struct (should be a syntax error).
  • Fixed bug with FileSave and FileSaveRange properly converting UTF8 file names.
  • Fixed crash in FileNameSetExtension function when passing an empty extension.
  • Find/Goto/Select Bar Options button hotkey changed to Alt+P (Alt+O was not working).

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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