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20 February 2019

Open-Source Markdown editor.


Abricotine is an Open-Source markdown editor built for desktop.

  • Write in markdown (or GFM) and export your documents in HTML
  • Preview text elements (such as headers, images, math, embedded videos, todo lists...) while you type
  • Display document table of content in the side pane
  • Display syntax highlighting for code
  • Show helpers, anchors and hidden characters
  • Copy formatted HTML in the clipboard
  • Write in a distraction-free fullscreen view
  • Manage and beautify markdown tables
  • Search and replace text

What's new in Abricotine

Version 0.7.0:
New features and improvements:
  • Add support for tasks (#14)
  • Add Pandoc task in default config (export to PDF, DOCX, EPUB...)
  • Add Auto Save feature (#251)
  • Support YAML headers (#142)
  • Use the first line of contents as default filename (#231)
  • Add support for Sublime-like keymaps and more (#208, #214, #240)
  • Indent lists with tabs (#215)
  • Wrap lines in lists (#23)
  • Change behavior of Copy as HTML and add a new entry in menu for copy as formatting text (#234)
  • Add optional last line indicator
  • Improve codeblocks and inline code display
  • Various themes improvements (#199, #232)
  • Change list and hidden chars styles
  • Refresh autopreview on scroll
  • Delete tmp html files when the application exits
Bug fixes:
  • Copy images on HTML export/preview (#49)
  • Fix issue when exporting to HTML (#211)
  • Fix closing confirmation dialog (#143)
  • Fix cursor issues after --reset (#110)
  • Fix various spellchecker issues
  • Fix system dictionaries not found in some situations
  • Fix image insertion (when path specified)
  • Fix lists clearing when multiple lines are selected
New translations:
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation and dictionary
  • Add Danish translation and dictionary
  • Add Spanish translation
  • Add Russian translation
Dependencies upgrades:
  • Electron 4.0.4 (#227)
  • Jquery 3.x (#225)
  • Codemirror 5.43
  • Mathjax 2.7.5
  • Mime 1.6.0
  • Deep-extend 0.6.0

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