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20 September 2019

Alternative image viewer for the Desktop.


Fragment is a cool, alternative image viewer for the Desktop.

  • Unique HUD UI. Both attractive and useful, it keeps your image at maximum screen real-estate.
  • Fast, resizable thumbnails for all images in the current directory
  • Fast app startup and image loading; fluid onscreen image navigation
  • Unique Peek and Skim browsing options to quickly examine image folders
  • Unprecedented animated GIF support with timetrack, reverse play, and speed control
  • 55+ amazing transition effects, available for both slideshow and normal browsing.
  • Crop, extend, and rotate image editing options
  • Very friendly to use over a local network (NAS), because of heavy use of asynchronous operations and local caching
  • A browser-like "Back" button, to navigate the history of viewed images and directories
  • Unique Unconstrained Pan. The image can freely be moved around, without it being stuck to the edges of the window, perfect for viewing details, located on the edges or corners of the image.
  • Upload and share using either the build-in Facebook plugIn or one of the OS X sharing services providers.
  • High Dynamic Range Image support (HDR, EXR, PFM, TIFF)
  • You can turn the "advert overlay" off by either purchasing premium transitions or selecting a free transition!
  • The application is designed to work behind a sandbox. As a feature limitation the user must explicitly open the folder of the image to browse it's contents. In most cases this have to be done only once.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Fragment

Version 1.8.0:
    Sorting and Grouping:
  • Choose any property to Group or Sort images in the current folder with.
  • Unique Group-within-Group. You can have images, grouped, for example, by type (JPGs, PNGs, etc) and then, within each group, separated by year of creation.
  • When a property is not a good candidate for Grouping, like file size, where every image has probably unique value, powerful auto-group feature is provided - it aggregates images in broader terms - "tiny", "small", "medium", "big", "huge".
  • Random Order sorting, available for both Slideshow and standard browsing.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later
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