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Basic Areas Formulas1.1

03 December 2019

Easy-to-use calculator for area calculations.


Basic Areas Formulas comprises a selection of calculators that will simplify calculations which have given you headaches so far. Complex calculations, such as Annulus Area, Diagonal of a Rectangle and others listed below will be handled easily with this app.

Included Calculators
  • Annulus area
  • Lateral surface area of a square based pyramid
  • Diagonal of a rectangle
  • Total surface area of rectangular right wedge
  • Area of a semicircle
  • Scalene triangle area and perimeter
  • Area of a regular hexagon
  • Central angle of a circle
  • Exterior angles of a convex polygon
  • Ellipse area
  • Gradient of line in a plane
  • Area of a segment of a circle
  • Radius of an inscribed circle in an octahedron
  • Radius of a circumscribed circle in an octahedron
  • Surface area of an octahedron
  • Volume of an octahedron
  • Radius of inscribed circle in an dodecahedron
  • Lateral area of an oblique prism
  • Volume of a oblique prism
  • Slant height of a regular pyramid
  • Lateral surface area of regular pyramid using semi-perimeter
  • Regular hexagon area formula
  • Lateral surface area of regular pyramid
  • Total surface area of regular pyramid
  • Volume of regular pyramid based on area of base
  • Segment of a circle chord length
  • Segment height of circle
  • Segment of circle perimeter
  • Total surface area of an oblique prism
  • Interior angles of a convex polygon
  • Slant height of a pyramid
  • Scalene triangle height
  • Area of cylinder
  • Surface area of tube
  • Lateral surface area of a cylinder
  • Circumference of circle
  • Height of a right square prism
  • Radius of circle
  • Circumference of ellipse
  • Perimeter of right triangle
  • Volume of hypersphere
  • Formula and description for each calculator
  • Copy / Paste params and results
  • Clean, simple and easy to use

If you have any question please contact us: All information contained in and produced by the Basic Areas Formulas app is provided for educational purposes only.

What's new in Basic Areas Formulas

Version 1.1:
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

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