General Finance Calculator
General Finance Calculator


General Finance Calculator free download for Mac

General Finance Calculator

04 October 2016

Easy-to-use financial calculators.


General Finance Calculator provides easy-to-use financial calculators.

Included Calculators
  • Annuity future value
  • Annuity future value w/ continuous compounding
  • Annuity (FV) solve for n
  • Annuity payment (PV)
  • Annuity payment (FV)
  • Annuity (PV) solve for n
  • Annuity present value
  • Avg collection period
  • Annuity PV factor
  • Annuity due present value
  • Annuity due future value
  • Annuity due payment (PV)
  • Annuity due payment (FV)
  • Doubling time
  • Doubling time cont. compounding
  • Doubling time simple interest
  • Future value
  • FV continuous compounding
  • Future value factor
  • Growing annuity future value
  • Growing annuity payment (PV)
  • Growing annuity payment (FV)
  • Growing annuity present value
  • Growing perpetuity present value
  • Number of periods PV and FV
  • Perpetuity
  • Present value
  • PV continuous compounding
  • Present value factor
  • Rule of 72
  • Weighted average

It also includes:

  • Formula for each calculator
  • Description for each calculator
  • "Copy Answer" button
  • "Clear" button
  • "Clear All" button

What's new in General Finance Calculator

Version 1.0.1:
  • Added an option to turn on/off thousands separators
  • Added an option to change decimal places
  • Added an option to turn on/off percent conversion
  • Updated for macOS 10.12
  • Bug fixes

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