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02 November 2017

Quickly and easily search Wikipedia.


Qwiki allows you to quickly and easily search Wikipedia, without even leaving your menu bar! You can read articles inside Qwiki, or you can opt to have it open in your default browser, it’s up to you. You can also generate links, you can choose from a plain URL, Markdown, or even generate HTML link code. If you want to use the native OS X Share Sheet, then that’s supported as well! Once you've searched in Qwiki, just press Tab to exit the search field, and then you can navigate the results using the arrow keys! It gives you the power of Wikipedia, and puts it under the single icon in your Menu Bar. There’s so many occasions where just a little reference is needed, or you need to copy a URL to insert into a document.

What's new in Qwiki

Version 1.3.1:
  • Fixed bug where the selected result was getting mixed up between moving a mouse over it, and using a keyboard to navigate through them.
  • The Escape key now uniformly works across the app, even with the search bar being selected, which previously stopped it from being detected.
  • There is now a preference whether Qwiki should close when clicks are made outside of the window. So you can either choose Qwiki to stay open until manually closed, or dismiss itself when it's not active.
  • The preferences now have a small description each, which should make them a bit clearer.
  • Font weights have been altered throughout the app, to just make the experience a bit nicer.

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