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05 July 2017

Simple note taking application.


Notea is a simple note taking application for Mac. This is quite simply the best notes app you will ever use. Notea has been designed from the ground up to give users the fastest and the most satisfactory experience possible. This is the most efficient way one can take a note on their Mac. Just add a note and start writing.

Things that make it stand out from other note apps:

  • The first line of your note will automatically be taken as the headline.
  • As you start typing, the left pane will automatically be hidden, giving you maximum interface for taking notes.
  • Dark mode makes it easy on your eyes
  • Restore the last deleted note by clicking on Undo
  • Export and save notes as PDF
  • Choose from 4 different fonts for your notes
  • Total word count at the bottom of the app interface
  • Easy to add note
  • Fullscreen mode for comfortable viewing
  • Increase or decrease font size as you preferred
  • Share notes via email from the app
  • iCloud sync across all your devices.

What's new in Notea

Version 2.0:

Note: Currently available for $0.99

  • UI fully re-designed
  • Full Touch bar support added
  • Keyboard Shortcuts added
  • Option added for switching between Mini view and Full view

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06 June 2016
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

I suppose I'm not the only one remembering of Notae...
06 June 2016
Version: 1.0
I suppose I'm not the only one remembering of Notae...