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24 October 2019

Contact management for business.


Contacts+ lets you stay fully connected and master your contacts. It lets you easily access the contact information you need to make connections.

  • Add social profiles and photos to your contacts
  • Clean and merge duplicate contacts
  • Quit wasting time on contact management
  • Combine and Sync Contacts
    • Combine address books - combine Google Contacts, Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 contacts, your Mac Address Book, social media accounts and more
    • Backup contacts - safely store your contacts in the cloud
    • Keep in sync - sync your contacts across all your devices and platforms
  • Organize and Clean
    • Merge duplicates - automatically de-dupe your contacts
    • Add tags and notes - sync tags and notes across devices
  • Fully Connect
    • View photos - automatically add photos to all your contacts
    • Add context - connect social media profiles, titles, and more
    • See company info - learn more about your contacts' workplace
  • Do Even More With Fullcontact Premium
    • Scan business cards - add contacts with just an iPhone photo
    • Capture email signatures - update your contacts from their email signatures
    • Sync multiple accounts - sync up to 5 address books

What's new in Contacts+

Version 19.10.2:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • This release comes with multiple invisible but still significant changes that will improve the user experience within the app.

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02 June 2019

Most helpful

This is a cloud based service and not free!
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Version 19.5.2
02 June 2019
This is a cloud based service and not free!
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Version 19.5.2
16 January 2019
They are the greediest of all, completely destroyed Cobook! Useless app.
Version 19.1.2
18 February 2018
not worth it for basic functions. and keeps asking for money
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Version 18.02.2
01 November 2017
They destroyed Cobook. $10 a month subscription not worth it. CardHop is way better and cheap. They took a good thing and became greedy.
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Version 1.17
18 October 2017
Free? a. $10 a month subscription isn't free to me. Try CardHop, nice features and one time charge, currently onsite 25% off. Developed by the Fantastical guys.
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Version 1.15.3
15 July 2016
Does not yet support Apple two-factor authentication. Useless for me, for the time being. Need to sync OSX Contacts database.
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Version 1.7.5
27 May 2016
I don't know how many people are willing to spend $10 a month to use this app.,
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Version 1.7.2
1 answer(s)
14 July 2016
Probably quite a few would pay if you were a viable alternative to DayLite, which it is not presently. They have a long way to go to achieve that aim ... but also a lot of resources. My own concern lies with data storage and redundancy, of their online service, as well as security, privacy and future ownership. If successful as a business, they are likely to be bought by LinkedIn (Microsoft), Google, Facebook or another big player. It's tough o survive in the online world as an independent, and its tendency towards first mover monopoly dominance.
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