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02 April 2017

Minimalistic Medium client.


Mediunic is a Medium reading and writing experience for the Mac. Use Mediunic to browse Medium without distractions, focus on the content and share your favorite stories through the share menu. The UI is unobtrusive and takes on the personality of your content for a true distraction-free reading and writing environment.

Mediunic supports fullscreen and splitview, so you can read your articles in fullscreen and put multiple windows side-by-side for consultation while writing. On macOS Sierra, you can also use tabs to organize your content. Whether you just like to read Medium without distractions or are an experienced writer, this app is definitely for you.

What's new in Mediunic

Version 1.5:
  • Added menu and keyboard shortcut to create new tabs
  • Command+Click on a link now opens it in a new tab
  • Shift+Click on a link now opens it in a new window
  • Added contextual menu to links with options to open in new tab, new window or in Safari
  • Fixed layout issues
  • Improved behavior when opening links from other apps

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