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Awa for Mac1.3

20 May 2016

AI voice assistant.

What is Awa for Mac

Meet Awa, the artificial-intelligence assistant for your computer with whom you can talk!

  • Open Applications - Just say "Open Safari" or "Open Spotify" to open an app
  • Browsing the web - Open web pages faster than ever, say "" or "Open YouTube"
  • Searching the web - Looking for something? Just tell Awa to "Search for hiking", "Images of kittens", or "Wikipedia Steve Jobs"
  • Calculating - Need someone to do the math? Ask Awa "395+83" or "38/3"
  • Making a note - Awa can also take notes, just tell Awa "Take note that I should talk more" and she will write it down.
  • Setting reminders and Todos - Let Awa help you remember, say "Remind me to buy some milk"
  • Maps and Places - Never be lost again, ask "Where is Iceland" or "Map Restaurants in London"
  • Awa is also fun just to talk to, you never now what the answer will be!

Remember: More commands are added every day, and Awa only gets smarter when you talk to it.

What's new in Awa

Version 1.3:
  • Updated GUI
  • New icon
  • More commands built in
  • Bug fix for opening apps

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