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Comic Strip Factory

19 October 2017

Create your own comics.


Comic Strip Factory was created for those who love comic strips. Now you can make your own. On your social networks, you can post your own creations with your own words, rather than just reposting clever but overused memes. Or maybe you’re really serious about comics. You want to be the next Charles Schultz, Berke Breathed, Lynn Johnston, Cathy Guisewite, or Bill Watterson. You want to create your own characters-with a graphical tool specially designed for that purpose-and use them to create a regular comic to publish on the web or in print.

Comic Strip Factory allows you to create great comic strips. If your sense of humor exceeds your drawing skills, it includes a set of eight amazing characters from two professional artists, broken down into parts and assembled into poses. Each character has numerous facial expressions and body positions that you assemble in unique ways to tell your own stories. Use the pre-assembled poses, modify them by replacing some parts, or build your own--even modify the parts for your own purposes. Comic Strip Factory also comes with a bunch of terrific comic backgrounds, so you have great settings for your stories. From the desert island with one palm tree (the scene of tons of one-panel gag comics over the years) to fields, a forest, a living room, some offices, a restaurant, and more, there are a variety of settings and styles. And both the scenery and the characters come with plenty of related props!

The program has flexible panel-shaping capabilities to lay out your story. Whether you’re making a one-panel cartoon, a four-panel daily newspaper strip, a larger Sunday comic, or a comic book or graphic novel, Comic Strip Factory is up to it. And it supports multiple pages too. Dialogue balloons are easy to create, and offer several different shapes and styles, including multiple balloons joined together. If you want, bring in your photos and use them as background art, or mask out the background to mix your family and friends with the program’s comic art. Or bring in graphics from other programs. (It’s really good for photo collages, too!) If you have the talent for drawing your own comic art, Comic Strip Factory is designed for you too! Create your own characters, both to use your comics and to share with other users. Comic Strip Factory has a sophisticated vector drawing editor built-in, and it’s specially designed for drawing comic art. It isn’t bogged down with a bunch of complicated features you don’t need and won’t use. Yet it has advanced features you’ll use all the time. Like clipping one path inside another. Using named colors to make changing your character’s color scheme easy. Blurring shapes to make shadows and highlights that look like they came out of a pro’s airbrush.

What's new in Comic Strip Factory

Version 1.0.133:
New Features And Enhancements:
  • Made it possible to add graphics from other sources to Parts files. This was previously only possible in comic files. Because drag and drop of a graphics file now imports the graphic as an element, adding a tracing image can now only be done using the Open Tracing Image… command in the View menu.
  • Made it possible to bring in graphics from other programs via Copy and Paste. This method may bring in images or vector graphics, depending on what the other program puts on the clipboard. This also opens up the possibility of importing graphics from programs that have no graphic export feature.
  • Made it possible to add graphics from other sources inside parts.
  • Made it possible to add balloons and other text objects to Parts files through the New Text Balloon, New Narration Box, and New Text Block commands in the Objects menu.
  • Added Resample Image button in image editor. This allows you to save memory and reduce your file size when importing images that are much larger than you need.
  • Added support for pasted vector graphics in the image editor by hiding the cropping tool and the Resample Image button for those types of graphics.
  • Added the ability to set a pivot point on image elements that works like the pivot point on parts. It can be created and edited in the image editor.
  • Made the Copy command copy a vector graphic instead of an image for pasting into other applications.
  • Added a Trump file to the character library. This character is made as a hybrid of drawn parts and images.
  • Added Fred in a tux with roses as a new pose to Fred Nerd.
Bug Fixes:
  • Made the Import Image command work in all views where images can be used. It was previously only allowed in Comic view, which excluded importing in groups and the floating layer. Now it also works in other views where images are allowed as well.

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