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CM Batch JPEG Rotator2.

17 September 2020

Correct rotation of cross-platform JPEGs.


CM Batch JPEG Rotator was created for those photos you uploaded to the web or sent to your friends, colleagues, or clients and they turned out to display in the wrong orientation--like when all your portrait photos are showing up as landscape. Before you sent them, you checked on your Mac, and they showed up correctly, so how can this be so? The photos are not exactly rotated to the portrait mode but rather they remain as landscape physically, and when the photos are taken, the camera will store the information from the orientation sensor and saved them in the EXIF header of the JPEG files. Apple devices are smart enough to read this information and show the photos as they should be on the device. But this is not so for non-Apple products. JPEG photos use a lossy compression algorithm to decide how to save the photos, and each time the photos are being processed, the quality can drop.

CM Batch JPEG Rotator is here to help. Here is what CM Batch JPEG Rotator can do for you:

  • Automatically detect the Orientation needed for the photos on your list
  • Employs the Lossless Rotation method which ensures no drop in image quality
  • Updates the EXIF header to the new orientation so that it will show up properly on all devices and platforms even on non-Apple products
  • If you want to reduce file size, CM Batch JPEG Rotator provides you the option to use the standard rotation method with the settings to change the JPEG quality

All this done in batch so you do not need to rotate your photos file by file manually. To Start, you can drag the photos or folders to the application file listing, use the Load Files, Load Folders or the quick Load + Start button. It is quick and easy and save you many hours of work. Using the Lossless Rotation will ensure that all your photos’ quality will come out exactly how they should be. This is a must-have tool for all photographers.

What's new in CM Batch JPEG Rotator

  • Reworked the engine to speed up the process

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