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21 August 2018

Invoicing with emphasis on ease of data entry.


Minvoice is a minimal, one-step-above-paper invoicing app (with a few improvements). Designed for quick startup and ease of entry.

  • Allows customers and line items to be created on-the-fly so invoices can be quickly filled out and printed
  • Frequently used customers and items can be remembered and later recalled to save typing
  • Items can be marked taxable or non-taxable
  • Item costs can be remembered and the profit can be hidden or displayed using a checkbox
  • The invoice memo area can contain styled text to provide emphasis
  • Find-and-replace spell-checking is available with a click
  • All totals and summary calculations are automatic
  • Use a picture or styled text logo for printing invoices
  • Search, summary, and reporting tools are included

Free to use with all features enabled to manage invoices created in the last 30 days. Activate to remove the 30 day limit.

What's new in Minvoice

Version 2.180821:
  • Streamlined item entry.
  • Calling for an invoice in use by a window brings the window forward.
  • Updated some icons.
  • Added a page number on longer invoice printouts.
  • Subtotals buttons added in the invoice and invoice line item list windows.

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