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12 March 2016

API which allows access to info regarding currently-playing track (beta).


Let MusicServer unlock your music!

  • A Whole New Web Browsing Experience Give your favorite web browser the ability to control iTunes and Spotify. No need to open iTunes or Spotify to control your tracks. Third-party websites supported with the API.
  • An Open API for Web Designers Web browsers, HTML widgets, and JavaScript engines are very limited. They lack the ability to access system events such as currently-playing tracks. Using the MusicServer API, Web designers can unleash their creativity and use the MusicServer resources for their creations.
  • Spotify Support MusicServer supports iTunes and Spotify. It will detect what music player you are currently using and provide the corresponding information for the currently-playing track. You can also select your preferred music player. No need to hesitate between iTunes and Spotify.
  • Infinite Possibilities There are no such limitations from using MusicServer's API. You could create a widget for your Web site, a very personal New Tab page, or even set up an HTTP-based remote control. Everything is just a URL away.

What's new in MusicServer

Version 0.7 (Beta):
  • Initial public release

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