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Realizer Plus for Soundjam1.0

20 March 2001

Enhance MP3 quality.


MP3 files just don't sound as good as the original CD-quality recordings. The bass loses punch. High end lacks crispness and definition. The stereo spread collapse. Moreover, people are often listening on inexpensive, low-quality speakers. Realizer Plus is suported by your Soundjam player. It expands on the popular Realizer MP3 equalizer by adding five new effects: mid-low and mid-high frequency boosters, a reverb section which controls diffusion and feedback, and a gain slider to increase the loudness of your music. Unlike conventional equalizers and bass/treble controls, Realizer Plus actually adds missing frequencies and synthesizes new harmonics to recreate the sizzling realism of the original recording. Realizer Plus combines proprietary Bass Maximizer, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Enhancement algorithms - the same processes found in Arboretum's professional Hyperprism products - in a simple-to-use interface designed for personal music enjoyment. Realizer Plus is completely user-configurable and includes a number of factory settings designed to bring the most out of each musical style.

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