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23 March 2016

Aid in presentation of lab results.


TestView can be the solution if you are a compounder who works with lab values when consulting with patients, and you find it hard to explain the "numbers" and relationship between one lab value and another. The saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" applies almost completely in this activity, and TestView offers to improve patients' and clinicians' understanding of lab-test results. Test results are displayed using intuitively understandable graphics that show the patient's result against the normal range. If you are a practitioner who consults with patients about their health, TestView can be a extremely valuable aid in the process. Test results can be presented to a patient by battery, date, or by test type.

The application is free to use with three static patients for evaluation.

  • Normal values can be changed on the run, or set to hold their value across the board.
  • Create your own set of tests and test batteries for ease of entry.
  • Multiple tests can be printed on single sheet showing the results and relationships at the point of your pen.
  • Test results for all patients and dates can be reviewed for your own internal comparisons.

What's new in TestView

Version 1.20160322:
  • In the Main window, enable searching patient tests only when a patient is selected. Supressed an error alert that appears in the Main window when double-clicking a patient is the first action taken.
  • Fixed the Cancel button in the update's progress dialog.

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