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04 January 2020

Preview your fonts.


Typeface helps you pick the perfect font from your collection.

Typography can be beautiful and is one of the most important aspects of design. But it is often hard to find the font that conveys just the right emotion, especially if you're not sure what you're looking for. With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts Typeface tries to make browsing your collection exciting and easy, such that you can find the perfect font for your needs. Enter any text you like to preview and discover all the delicate curves and love typographers have put in their typefaces.

  • Perfectly rendered previews from installed fonts or fonts in a directory
  • Custom preview text and size that let you view the fonts the way you want
  • Preview and manage all your Font Book collections
  • Put font candidates into a Quick Collection to review them later
  • List and grid overviews
  • Reveal all the little differences with font compare overlays
  • Unicode characters
  • Night mode: no need for wearing your sunglasses at night
  • Letter s p a c i n g
  • Outlined previews
  • Metrics overlay
  • Standard and discretionary ligatures
  • The Magnificent Quick Brown Fox

What's new in Typeface

Version 2.6.4:
  • Show alert when app cannot launch due to incorrect macOS permissions or no free disk space
  • Import PostScript Type 1 fonts with tt/t1 extensions
  • Correctly apply theme after trial has expired
  • Don't attach activation tag to deactivated fonts when restoring a backup
  • Prevent feedback reporter crash on El Capitan

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10 Reviews of Typeface

26 April 2019
Version: 2.3.0

Most helpful

I've started using this instead of Linotype Font Explorer, this is so much quicker, fast responses from the developer, my font library is well over 10,000 fonts, this app is speedy and crash free so far. Looking forward to auto activation for adobe apps next.
08 December 2019
Version: 2.6.3
This utility seems to be a good solution for the management of its font files and the tool is modern: • The software has the very good idea to leave the folders of the Finder containing the typos files as is, Typeface manages these files without having to duplicate them in a complicated and obscure folder structure (see FontExplorerPro X), • Activation and deactivation are fast and convenient (just one button): under CC 2020 Illustrator, InDesign and PhotoShop, no compatibility issues, • Adding font files to the Finder folders automatically updates the sets created under Typeface, • The general display of the application is very fast, the visualization of the fonts is good / comfortable, the interface is quite pretty, in the canons of macOS, • The utility has the good taste not to be too expensive, • The weight of the application is "light": 46 MB. Now the app's icon is ... "strange"! ... Cet utilitaire semble être une bonne solution pour la gestion de ses fichiers de polices de caractères et l'outil est moderne : • Le logiciel a la très bonne idée de laisser tel quels les dossiers du Finder contenant les fichiers de typos, Typeface gère ces fichiers sans avoir à les dupliquer dans une structure de dossier compliquée et obscure (voir FontExplorerPro X), • L'activation et la désactivation sont rapides et pratiques (un simple bouton) : sous CC 2020 Illustrator, InDesign et PhotoShop, aucun problème de compatibilité, • L'ajout de fichiers de polices dans les dossiers du Finder met à jour automatiquement les sets créés sous Typeface, • L'affichage général de l'application est très véloce, la visualisation des fontes est bonne/confortable, l'interface est assez jolie, dans les canons de macOS, • L'utilitaire a le bon goût de ne pas être trop onéreux, • Le poids de l'application est “light” : 46 Mo. Maintenant, l'icône de l'application est... “étrange” !...
06 December 2019
Version: 2.6.3
Tried them all, Lintotype, Suitcase, Font Agent, FontExplorer as well as other newcomers like RightFont. This is the BEST! Fast, reliable and excellent value (my favourite). Joins a new wave of newcomers like Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo that challenge the notion that, to get good apps, you have to own a graphic design studio with a commensurate budget, use pirated software or start the equivalent of a lifetime mortgage for the software you need. I wholly support guys who make excellent products with the average consumer in mind. Ease of use: A Reliability: A Features: A- Speed: A Value: A+
14 August 2019
Version: 2.5.0
Excellent application, however, I regret the fact that it crashes 3 times out of 5 when I do a font search. Each time I send a report but no response from the publisher.
26 April 2019
Version: 2.3.0
I've started using this instead of Linotype Font Explorer, this is so much quicker, fast responses from the developer, my font library is well over 10,000 fonts, this app is speedy and crash free so far. Looking forward to auto activation for adobe apps next.
27 November 2018
Version: 2.2.1
I gave this a try. It does a good job of displaying fonts. But the developer fell for style over substance. Hence his labels are too small and too gray, lacking contrast and basic usability. Major Fail.
17 August 2018
Version: 2.1.0
Best Font preview app. Also Google fonts can be importet
09 May 2017
Version: 1.5.2
It looks sleek. :-)
But I wish I could try before I buy.

Also… almost 5 months without an update… mmm
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15 October 2016
Version: 1.5.0
Really really worth trying. Finally A very different approach from all other managers. Damn fast and damn good at evaluating glyphs like no other app. I love it!

P.S.: And no need for no damn suitcase fusion or else. Activate/deactivate each one and collections fast. Try it!
27 February 2016
Version: 1.1.1
Does anyone know if this Typeface app works with Suitcase Fusion 6??
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15 February 2016
Version: 1.1.0
$10 to preview my fonts (something that Font Book already does)? Hmm. Well, whatever. Good luck.
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