Duplicate File Remover Pro
Duplicate File Remover Pro


Duplicate File Remover Pro free download for Mac

Duplicate File Remover Pro

27 March 2020

Professional duplicate finder and cleaner (was Duplicates Expert).


Duplicate File Remover Pro (was Duplicates Expert) is a new generation class of duplicates managers, scanning for similar folders and supporting all external drives. The application scans for duplicates in multiple folders at the same time and presents animated duplicates chart while scanning. Once duplicate files and folders are identified, Duplicates Expert provides cleanup recommendations. The application provides visual report on duplicates scan result with charts by duplicates’ file types. It's easy to see how much space takes each duplicate. Biggest similar folders are displayed on Overview screen, and then you can preview identical and unique files for similar folders.

  • Scanning
    • fast scanning algorithm
    • scanning for duplicates in multiple folders or drives
    • external drives and mounted network folders support
    • "Recents" for scanned folders
    • animated scanning process
    • files and folders skip list
    • option to scan hidden folders
  • Results Overview
    • visual chart reports
    • fast duplicates cleanup recommendations
    • biggest similar folders
    • built-in help tips
    • similar folders chart
  • Duplicates
    • duplicates by file type
    • duplicate folders
    • similar folders
    • built-in duplicates search
    • preview and quick look for every item
    • sort duplicates (by name, size, total size, type, duplicates count) REMOVING
    • visual progress bar of selected files for removal
    • one-click selection of multiple duplicate files
    • smart duplicates autoselection
    • "always select" and "never select" autoselect options
    • confirmation list of deleted files
    • moving to Trash or permanent removal option

What's new in Duplicate File Remover Pro

Version 5.8:
  • Improved automatically scanning by launching from MacCleaner Pro

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6 Duplicate File Remover Pro Reviews

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10 November 2016

Most helpful

This is the first app I rely on to remove duplicates. I was impressed with its interface and animation. Helped me to find and remove gigabytes of duplicates.
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Version 3.1
28 March 2020
I gave this 4 stars, even though I've never used it. Why? Because I think it's probably pretty good and I don't know how to post a comment (with no rating) and I don't want to inadvertently give an unfair zero star review. MacUpdate doesn't seem to allow for comments any more. (Or am I missing something, folks?) Now, DEAR NEKTONY: You now market "Duplicate File Remover Pro" (which was "Duplicates Expert") and "Duplicate File Finder Remover" (as you now call it on MacUpdate, but which was, and STILL IS on your website, "Duplicate File Finder"). This is UTTERLY CONFUSING. The two (or is it FOUR?) products seem very similar and are similarly priced. Could you PLEASE let your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS know the difference between the two? I use, and recommend, "Duplicate File Finder Pro." I think it's a good product. I imagine that "Duplicate File Remover Pro" is too. But putting out two similar products with similar names (which change constantly) is CREATING A MESS for you. Tell us -- SELL US -- on the virtues of BOTH PRODUCTS, or, perhaps better yet, CONSOLIDATE them into ONE so they're not competing with each other, and maybe even driving customers to some other products. Please -- get your act together, and give your company a chance to make some well-earned money. -SB
Version 5.8
24 June 2019
I tested several apps in the past. Recently I had to organize my files/backups/etc to avoid duplicated data. I downloaded first free version - Duplicate File Finder and it worked really well. UI seems nice and user friendly. Actually probably it would be enough but I wanted to test some extra options in Pro version so I bought it. First difference - darker theme. In the beginning it look more ugly comparing to Duplicate File Finder which uses white clean theme but later I liked it - more user friendly for "night work". As I read some first comment to see what other thinks I see this dark mode can be a problem for some people so be aware. Perhaps choosing "theme" would be a great option if possible. Extra options removing whole dir, merging useful but so far used few times. However I still have a lot of work to do with organizing, download backups from cloud and remove duplicates etc. But generally the easy of use is great and I really liked to work using this software comparing to few others.
Version 5.6.1
18 February 2018
I liked the program but I had to give it up and use Singlemizer (which lacks one of the simple, useful features of this program... being able to check ANY of the duplicate files found instead of the 2nd+ files listed). The two problems with this program are : 1) its snazzy grey-text on a slightly-greyer background, is certainly snazzy but I find it nearly impossible to read the program output, Black text on a white background has worked for centuries... some of us users aren't quite THAT old but our eyesight is definitely over 18. 2) The program doesn't let you select by mouse cursor the filename of any of the duplicates it finds. That would be quite useful when using "find" for locating versions or derivatives of a file which aren't themeselves duplicated. Sorry, I'd otherwise have bought the licence.
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Version 5.1
1 answer(s)
04 May 2018
Hello. Thanks for the feedback. Please note, Duplicate File Remover allows you to easily open any duplicate files in Finder using the Magnifier icon. You don’t need to copy the file’s name as you can open it in Finder with one click.
17 May 2017
Huge time saver. Searched 3 tb of my files quickly and found duplicates. The autoselect option is an incredible helper.
Version 4.3
10 November 2016
This is the first app I rely on to remove duplicates. I was impressed with its interface and animation. Helped me to find and remove gigabytes of duplicates.
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Version 3.1
1 answer(s)
06 February 2017
Both reviewers are fakes (check their history). They only review software from this 'Nektony' company. Fake reviews like this make me wary. If this app is any good, there is no way to know from these reviewers (notice they both use a dash in their names and both joined within a day of each other).
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09 November 2016
The app scan folders fast and shows all duplicates and even similar folders. Like the animation process while scanning. Saves time in searching for duplicates a lot.
Version 3.1