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30 October 2019

Quick access to apps and simulators for development.


SimPholders gives developers quick access to apps under development, as well as to simulators for iDevices.

  • Access all applications from your menu bar
    • Quick access to the three recently modified apps in the menu
    • Supports iOS, watchOS, and tvOS simulators
  • Apps
    • Launch in simulator (⌘ + Click)
    • Copy sandbox path and show detailed information of file size and number of items (⇧ + Click)
    • Show App Groups container (⌘ + ⌥ + Click)
    • Quickly reset storage by deleting files in Library and Documents (⌥ + Click)
    • Uninstall from Simulator (⌃ + Click)
  • Simulators
    • Launch (⌘ + Click)
    • Add photos via drag-and-drop or file selection (⌥ + Click)
    • Reset content and settings (⌃ + Click)

With FUSE for OS X
When you install FUSE (, SimPholders mounts a virtual file system where you can browse your simulators and apps like it should have been implemented by Apple. When you select an app you can see the app bundle, sandbox, and app group containers at a glance. When you enable the Finder Sync Extension there is even some functionallity in the context menus where you can perform all of SimPholders's actions.

What's new in SimPholders

Version 3.0.10:
  • Fixed a severe bug causing extreme high CPU usage

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