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Videoconferencing chat software.   Demo ($29.95)
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iSpQ VideoChat allows you to use your webcam to meet other people virtually. You can join different rooms and talk to other people via video, voice, and chat.
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Version 9.0 Beta 1: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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iSpQ VideoChat User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 9.x:
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Libertyforall1776 commented on 06 Jul 2011
Dead on the vine since its last update July 16, 2008. :(
[Version 8.1]


69number69 commented on 11 Oct 2006
Is this works on intel macs?
[Version 7.2.151]


pinedae reviewed on 22 Mar 2006
This software is nicely done, but what is truly a disappointment is the way the communities are set up. After getting used to Yahoo! and Google, participating in iSpQ communities is a huge letdown.

End users have the ability of create their own special "rooms", but these exist only as a long as you are online. So communities cannot actually thrive continually, as "My Room" revolves around you, not your specific interest.

Let's face it: iSpQ is software for men who want to view naked women, and for women who want peddle their bodies online. The rest of the end users are banished to "Clean Chat" for conversations that fall along the lines of "hi", "show me your " or otherwise similar come-ons. The other channels on iSpQ are all but deserted (what the hell is a "Ruby" room anyway?)

In the end, iSpQ is really supposed to be about like minded-people getting together. To that end, the software succeeds if its aim is to attract the lowest tier of Internet culture. The rest of us who have more interesting things to say (or even show on webcam) go to the more popular online communities, even if video isn't supported.
[Version 7.2.151]

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DP-G4-450Guy replied on 14 Oct 2006
I think you need to get your head out of very negative thoughts.
Zeb commented on 25 Jan 2006
Why is the screenshot of iSpQ a picture of the Windows version ?
[Version 7.2.151]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Oct 2005
Having used various programmes we have founds that this is the best by far, and having chated to various ispq members who use pcs they all agree 'so far' that this is the best they have encounted
[Version 7.2.151]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Oct 2005
iSpQ is the best video chat program on the market today! It combines ease of use with the highest quality audio and video experience in addition to helpful and knowledgeable support staff.
[Version 7.2.151]

Eddie tipped on 07 Sep 2004
If it helps anyone. I think ports 2000, 2001, and 2002 have to be open for ISPQ to work properly.

I've used it for a couple yrs both under classic and OSX without problems.
[Version 6.3.1]

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Anonymous commented on 15 Aug 2005
How do you open 200,2001,2002 ports??

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Apr 2004
Hey.. this software sucks! dont work fine, have a lot of terrible options and they dont work !

you can try Yahoo Messenger! ...its better, simple, and free.. support many webcams (by free drivers) and you dont need pay for.....
with iSPQ you need buy TWO copies (one for you and other for your people, of course!)
dont be a looser...

[Version 6.3]

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Andristrizzo replied on 20 Jun 2005
Yahoo messenger bombs on me constantly and the video is choppy. After configuring my ports properly for ispq, it works flawlessly and the video is great.

Anonymous reviewed on 07 Feb 2004
Same. Trying 6.0 and looks better thatn prev versions. But can't get videochat working and can't find anything on how to handle firewall if you need 2. To bad because it looks like it could be good and cross platform.
The quickmessage is going but don't see me using it after a few times. I
[Version 6.0]


Revmitcz reviewed on 04 Feb 2004
I've used iSpQ, ICUII, iVisit, CuSeeMe, iChat AV.. you name it. I remember when it was between ICUII and iSpQ, and it looked like iSpQ was a cheap rip-off of ICUII.

Then.. ICUII dropped Mac support. That was some 3-4 years ago, and they haven't been back since. In that time, iSpQ has really surpassed anything ICUII could've ever dreamed of, and I'm happy to see they've now got the Mac version on full par with the Windows version.

iSpQ 6.0 really is a totally different ballgame from past versions. I've been beta testing this for the last 4-5 months now, and I'm glad they've finally got all the bugs worked out. Now they support full video and audio chat with up to 4 different people at a time, Quick Messages (ispq's version of IM'ing people) with Audio, Video, and full-color text/font styling support, directory chat, directory listings, and apparently (though I've not had a chance to test it) their "MyPlace" feature is working, too.

I just wish this program would get adopted by more people, cause it really is a great app/community. But, the price tag tends to scare people away, I guess.
[Version 6.0]

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Tschigg rated on 16 Mar 2012

[Version 8.1]

Version Downloads:277
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:25 Jul 2012
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.95
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iSpQ VideoChat allows you to use your webcam to meet other people virtually. You can join different rooms and talk to other people via video, voice, and chat.

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