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17 August 2015

Ad blocker that allows some ads for charity.


Stands changes the way you experience the web and stand up for what you believe in: block ads and online trackers for much cleaner and private browsing. Let just a few ads appear on every site - and the ads will also sponsor the charity you choose to support.

Key Benefits
  • Block the most annoying ads, including: autoplay video ads, youtube ads, expanding ads, interstitial page ads, overlay ads.
  • Block pop-up ads and pop-unders no matter where you click on the page.
  • Protect your privacy: Stop web tracking from thousands of third-parties.
  • Support a charity of your choice without spending a dime.
  • More blocking options: you can configure Stands to block Facebook ads, Webmail ads, Search ads, and more.
  • Control your experience: You decide how many ads are sponsoring websites and charities.
  • Protects from malware sometimes found in advertising.
  • Load pages much faster: Sites always load first, then ads (if any).

Stands changes how online ads work, and lets you donate a portion of the money advertisers are already paying to show you ads. You choose the charity you wish to support - and Stands splits the ad dollars between the charity of your choice, and the websites you visit.

You can always change the number of ads you see, and your privacy is always protected.

Why Stands Is Better
  • Faster and more efficient than AdBlock Plus.
  • More stable than uBlock.
  • The most robust pop-up blocking logic.
  • Doesn’t hurt the free web - a few nice ads will sponsor the sites you visit.
  • Raises money for a charity you choose.
  • Free forever.

What's new in Stands

Version 0.927:
  • Initial release

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3 Reviews of Stands

20 August 2015
Version: 0.927

Most helpful

Works just as well as my other ad blocker but is donating to charity - good deal since it's for free!!!
25 August 2015
Version: 0.927
Switched Adblock for this, much faster and easier to use, also has a popup blocker built in and the best thing, I support animal rights simply by browsing the web so it's a no brainer for me...
24 August 2015
Version: 0.927
Awesome app!! with it my browsing is faster, cleaner and I get to help animal rights!
20 August 2015
Version: 0.927
Works just as well as my other ad blocker but is donating to charity - good deal since it's for free!!!