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24 July 2015

Scan for nearby proximity beacons.



The Beacon Scanner For Your Mac

With the ScanBeacon app you can scan for nearby proximity beacons using iBeacon and AltBeacon technology and display their advertising details using any Macintosh computer running OS X 10.9 or higher and equipped with built-in or third party Bluetooth 4.0 support. ScanBeacon is an indispensable tool when developing proximity beacon solutions for your organization and your customers.

Proximity beacons are low-power wireless transmitters that send identifying information to nearby mobile devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Smart) signaling. Applications on mobile devices can be triggered by these proximity events and can implement behaviors that correspond to entering, traversing or leaving the local region covered by the iBeacon.

The ScanBeacon application will detect and display active iBeacons that are in range. For each detected beacon, the advertising data displayed includes:

  • UUID - The unique organizational identifier of the beacon
  • Major - The group identifier of the beacon
  • MInor - The individual identifier of the beacon
  • Power - The calibrated power value of the beacon
  • Type - The beacon advertisement type. Supported types include iBeacon and AltBeacon.

ScanBeacon will also display the RSSI, or received signal strength indication for each beacon and use the RSSI to display the derived distance and proximity to the beacon.

The results of beacon scans can be copied and pasted as plain text into other applications and saved to a JSON-encoded file and reloaded for later analysis. Since ScanBeacon files are JSON-encoded the scan results can easily be consumed my other applications and systems.

What's new in ScanBeacon

Version 2.1:
  • Added support for discovery of Eddystone UID beacon advertisements and several usability fixes.

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