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Alarameth TD1.0.5

24 July 2015

A unique, dynamic, fully-voiced tower defense game.


Alarameth TD is a unique, dynamic, fully-voiced tower defense game. You begin at Veldamir Castle, a small outpost at the edge of the human lands, where Wynathean the Wizard walks you through your training. From there, you proceed to the elven, dwarven, and gnomish realms in an effort to save the lands of Alarameth from certain annihilation.

Contains 15 challenging levels. Unlocked gradually over the course of the game are 7 primary tower types (each upgradable to level 3). Each level is voiced by a primary character, with additional voiced characters as you progress to later levels and reach their lands.

Note: No in-app purchases. Alarameth TD is generally not suitable for very young children.

What's new in Alarameth TD

Version 1.0.14 (1.0.5):

Note: The version available for download is 1.0.5. The version available in the Mac App Store is 1.0.14.

  • Feature: A “Reduced Difficulty” switch has been added to the level selection screen. When enabled, the need to build specific damage towers to counter specific armor types is significantly reduced, allowing players to focus on mazing without having to worry as much about which creatures are coming and when.
  • Balance: Laser Towers do more damage to medium armor units. All other towers do more damage to the armor types they are weakest against.
  • Level 2: Starting energy increased from 130->145.
  • Level 3: Starting energy increased from 175->195.
  • Level 4: The selection text for the mutated worms in Wave 2 now correctly indicates that they are indeed poison immune.
  • Level 7: Starting income increased from 400->550.
  • Level 8: The first wave will now be delayed by an extra second.
  • Level 9: The dwarf mine has a darker, dirtier appearance which should be easier on the eyes. Cloud path indicators are larger and white, which should be significantly easier to see.
  • Level 9: It is now possible to zoom out much further (12->18). Please send bug reports with your screen resolution if this results in being able to see “over the edge” of the play area on your monitor.
  • Level 9: Starting energy has been increased from 300->350.
  • Level 9: A number of waves have been rebalanced. The level should be significantly easier overall on both the “standard” and “reduced” difficulty levels.
  • Level 11: It is now possible to disable the “boss detection beam” by [spoiler]placing 2 towers in it’s path[/spoiler]. Once disabled, it will remain disabled for the remainder of the attempt.
  • Level 11: One of the golem (boss) waves did not correctly indicate that it breaks 2 inventions when the creature was selected. This has been corrected.
  • Level 13: The first creatures to arrive will now be delayed by an additional 5 seconds.
  • Level 13: Starting income has been increased from 400->575.
  • Level 15: One of the bosses did not cost the correct amount of lives. Another did, but didn’t indicate it. Both have been fixed.
  • Fix: Cannon Towers were not always firing as soon as they should. This has been corrected.
  • Achievements: The “Bare Minimum” achievement is less restrictive and no longer limited to Level 5 (Frost Prison). It can now be obtained on any level except for Level 12 (Gnome Labs). This should result in the achievement being obtained more frequently during natural play, and should allow completionists to obtain this achievement on the level they would prefer.
  • Achievements: The “Bye, Dalton!” achievement is less restrictive and no longer requires beating Level 10 (Town Hall) with exactly 159 lives. It can now be obtained by winning with 150-159 lives.
  • Hotkey: A number of hotkeys have been added.
  • Pause Functionality: Pausing the game via "P" or "SPACE" will allow you to build and interact with towers and creatures.
  • Music: Should be less likely to cut out when a high number of other sounds are playing.
  • UI: The number of lives bosses take in each level is now listed in bold when they are selected.
  • UI: The “leak details” in the Victory/Defeat screen now mentions the unit’s armor type.
  • UI: Previously only the volunteers in Level 1 indicated what tower they were most vulnerable to when selected. This has been extended through the first 3 levels. For example, instead of simply mentioning “Heavy armor”, it will say “Heavy armor (vulnerable to Cannon Towers)”.
  • UI: One of the tips in Level 12 was removed, as it implied that a very specific strategy might be required, which is not the case.

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