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17 June 2015

Reduces lag for online gaming and VoIP.


Hasten is a status bar app for OS X which lowers your latency to remote servers. It optimises your Internet performance to send data more quickly. This helps reduce your lag for online games, and improve call quality for VoIP telephony and video quality for online streaming. One of the biggest causes of lag or poor voice quality are delays for the server/Mac receiving or sending data. Hasten speeds this up to improve performance.

  • Online Gaming - Anyone who has played games online will have suffered from lags and kicks. Hasten helps to lower your ping (latency) and improve your gaming performance. Lower latency is a big advantage especially in PVP situations.
  • VoIP Telephone - Delays on a phone call are obviously annoying. Hasten helps improve voice and video quality for VoIP services such as Skype by lowering latency to reduce the delays.
  • Video Streaming - Hasten can improve the quality for video streaming services such as Twitch, Netflix, and others. Hasten reduces data-packet buffering and produces a higher transmission bitrate to improve transmission quality.
  • Online Trading - Capital markets--particularly where algorithmic trading is used to process market updates and turn around orders within milliseconds--are greatly affected by latency. Millisecond improvements in network speeds offer a competitive advantage for financial institutions.

What's new in Hasten

Version 1.0:
  • New release
  • Allow users to switch on/off optimised settings

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