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23 March 2020

Analyse your website's structure - visually.


SiteViz: The human eye is great at spotting patterns. And anomalies in patterns. Especially when information is provided visually. SiteViz opens a .dot file. (A .dot file contains pieces of information and the connections between them.) Integrity Plus, Integrity Pro and Scrutiny can export a sitemap as a .dot file and SiteViz is a free and easy-to use tool to display these.

What's new in SiteViz

Version 3.0:
  • Improvement to default 'bubble tree' theme, making a much more professional-looking sitemap chart. Nodes used to be arranged with each level horizontal which (as they are wider than tall) made for crazily wide charts. Now levels are in columns which makes more sense. connections are curved which makes them easier to follow.
  • Improvements to colouring - node colouring (which for most themes means the depth of the blue) can be based on number of links in (as before), or 'link juice' which is a calculation of the flow of imaginary liquid through the links. Connections can be coloured according to the colour attributes in the dot file, or link juice or none.
  • Preferences window added. It contains the colouring options outlined above.

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