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22 May 2018

Analyse your website's structure - visually.


SiteViz: The human eye is great at spotting patterns. And anomalies in patterns. Especially when information is provided visually. SiteViz opens a .dot file. (A .dot file contains pieces of information and the connections between them.) Integrity Plus and Scrutiny can generate their sitemap as a .dot file and I've made SiteViz, a free and easy-to use tool to display these.

What's new in SiteViz

Version 2.0:
  • New theme; 'list', similar to an old directory structure, although it doesn't list the urls by directory, but by 'levels' or clicks from home. As with the other themes, this is defined by the hyperlinks connecting the pages on the website, or more accurately as they are listed in the .dot file
  • Adds numbers to some themes, showing the links in and links out of each node. Again, this will be based on the information in the .dot file.
  • Original 'bubble tree' theme is coloured differently, with a deeper colour representing more 'links in' to the node.
  • Daisy and wedge themes also coloured with the depth of colour as well as the size of the node representing links in.
  • Improves zooming, now it truly scales the canvas rather than re-drawing the chart at a different scale
  • Scrolls to appropriate point (centre, top, wherever the home page is in that theme) after loading data or switching theme
  • Hooks up the 'Help' menu item to the product's web page where support details can be found

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