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28 January 2020

Planetarium and telescope-mount control for astrophotography.


AstroTelescope is a simple planetarium application for astrophotography. Even if it can be used separately, it is meant to work together with AstroImager, AstroDSLR and AstroGuider.

Star maps in AstroTelescope can be displayed at any scale and rotated by any angle, with selectable star-density, and with or without star names. Hipparcos Catalogue and selected NGC and IC DSO objects are available from the application locally, but any object can be searched online by calling up the public SIMBAD service on Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center.

The application can control a connected mount both by selecting an object on the star map or manually; mount position can be synced automatically from a solved image in AstroImager. Its built-in driver supports Meade LX and Celestron NexStar protocols both over serial line and TCP/IP (direct support for Synta/Celestron coming soon). The application can be used as a client to any remote or local INDI server with any supported telescope mount, and it can also control EQMac application over TCP/IP connection and LX protocol.

What's new in AstroTelescope

Version 3.12:
  • Unihedron SQM sky quality meter driver
  • PegasusAstro Pocket Powerbox driver
  • Artesky flatbox driver
  • Pegasus Astro FlatMaster driver
  • USB devpoint driver
  • NexDome driver
  • INDIGO framework updated to 2.0.112

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