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02 July 2015

Easily schedule events across time zones.


Jet is a calendar for those working across time zones. If you're a world traveler, have a remote team, or simply frequently check a world clock, you'll find this app indispensable.

Don't Convert Times in Your Head
  • Easily schedule events across time zones.
  • Glance at times for your remote offices.
  • Add an event for your flight departures and landings.
  • See current times and dates in all cities.

We wanted to make answering questions like this one much, much easier.
Traditional world clocks show that it's 2:15 PM here and 4:15 AM there. A good start. But what if you need to check another time, such as mid-day next Friday? Instead of showing just one time, we show a timeline. With all of the times shown side-by-side, conversion is as easy as just looking.

View Times for Multiple Cities, Side-by-Side:
  • Simply scroll up or down -- no need to tediously enter times.
  • Select any city -- thousands are included, from New York to Taipei.
  • On the left, the timeline for your location.
  • On the right, the timeline for your remote cities.
  • 2 PM here might line up with 4 AM there. 3 PM here might line up with 4 AM there.
View and Create Calendar Events:
  • We'll automatically import your calendar events and show them on your timeline.
  • We'll also show work hours (9-5 PM) to make scheduling easier.
  • Drag to select a time block, and press "Return" to quickly add a calendar event. No need to enter times or convert in your head.
  • We support iCloud, Google Calendar, or any other provider you have added. To add a calendar, open System Preferences and "Internet Accounts".

What's new in Jet calendar

Version 1.1.1:
  • Hold Option when adding a city to search by time zones.

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