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Cheque Print 2


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Cheque Print 24.0

30 December 2020

Print cheque with any printer.


Cheque Print 2 is easy to use, which allows printing cheques with any printer and with unlimited print logs.

Main Features
  • Setup unlimited templates for your bank cheque with unlimited user defined fields/inputs
  • Support MICR cheque printing and blank cheque too
  • Now you can add unlimited custom fields (label or text entry) to make your cheque template as per your bank's cheque you can add name, bank name, bank address, cheque#, account number, routing number etc
  • App automatically spells out words/wording from your cheque amount/number
  • Setup your cheque size, all fields per your cheque layout
  • Print logs support, easy accounting
  • Share/Export your print logs data to CSV format
  • Easy to re-print cheque from logs
  • Setup template with date format, country, currency names, cheque size, crossed line on/off with custom text, font style/size/name for each individual field
  • Auto detects cheque size from your cheque Image, you can edit manually too
  • Easy to turn on/off decimal places
  • Allow to print cheque in vertical or horizontal mode
  • Backup/restore templates and print logs data and you can import/export configuration from one machine to another

What's new in Cheque Print 2

Version 4.0:
  • macOS Big Sur compatible
  • Dark theme support
Fixes & Improvements:
  • Major bug fixes and lots of improvements.
  • Improved performance for the express user-centric experience.

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4 Reviews of Cheque Print 2

16 October 2017
Version: 3.10

Most helpful

A well written bank cheque utiltiy that works as expected. Easy and well crafted UI. Highly recommended and well worth the $8 !
31 December 2020
Version: 4.0
The top review isn't legitimate so have a 1 star to balance. MacUpdate, check the user that registered to post, and consider how in the world a *user* would know how "well written" the software is. They don't see the code, they wouldn't know.
16 October 2017
Version: 3.10
A well written bank cheque utiltiy that works as expected. Easy and well crafted UI. Highly recommended and well worth the $8 !
24 December 2015
Version: 3.9
From the experience I had with a cheque here in The Netherlands I learned that banks here consider them to be fraudulent unless proven otherwise. Counter personnel have instructions not to physically touch them. Banks will process them, but you have to send the cheque to a dedicated (I expect forensic) department and it will take a very long time.........
09 May 2015
Version: 3.4
No offense intended, but I downloaded the 'lite' version to test. This app is, in my opinion, way too complicated and difficult to set up and use for the average user. Would be a very useful app if it were easier and more intuitive to set up and use.
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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