1.1.0 06 Jun 2015

Online customer support, chat, and screen sharing RapidWeaver stack.


Developer website: Stack-Its

MoxTalk fills a need that we all have: A way to easily communicate with our site visitors - no matter what kind of site you may have. It's perfect for a broad range of uses: Providing customer support to answer product/service questions, working with clients on projects, planing social & community events with friends or it can even be used for easy team communication.

Start Chatting MoxTalk allows you to have spontaneous one-on-one meetings with voice chat using either a phone or computer headphone/speaker options, live text chat, screen sharing & more. Visitors can easily start a chat from their mobile device or desktop browser. Support email with the chat link is automatically sent to your company rep, so they can join the meeting. Checks are automatically run on popup & cookie support and the optional business hours settings and their related help screens are shown if needed; as well as giving the visitor helpful messages both before & after the chat has ended.

Screen/File Sharing With MoxTalk, during a chat, you can screen share from both mobile and desktop screens, present multimedia content, talk and text chat from within the meeting. You can screen-share your desktop or any open application or document. You can add files from your Desktop & from Dropbox. You can import pictures, videos, or any type of multimedia file to make your point, add graphic annotations in a Whiteboard and even go fullscreen if you want. Mobile Support MoxTalk supports all modern desktop browsers, IE10+, iOS, Android & even Blackberry. MoxTalk is ready for Stacks 2+ and supports RapidWeaver versions 5 & 6.

Would you like to start talking to your site visitors today?

  • Provide Live Customer Support For Your Site
  • Text / Voice Chat
  • File / Screen Sharing
  • Automatic Email Notification
  • Responsive / Mobile Support
  • File Import from Desktop & Dropbox
  • Interact & Annotate Files
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Hor. Positioning of Chat Button
  • Button Text, BG & Border Color Control
  • Chat Button Text
  • Chat Icon Disable Option
  • Support Email, Subject & Message Text
  • Optional Business Hours Check
  • Optional Open / Close Time, UTC Zone, Closed Title & Message Text
  • Automatic Window Popup & Cookies Check w/ Help Screens
  • Start Message: Prompt Name, Title & Text
  • Login Message: Title & Text
  • Confirm/Wait Message: Title & Text
  • Meeting Over Message: Title & Text
  • Supports Modern Desktop Browsers & IE10+, iOS, Android & Blackberry

What's New

Version 1.1.0:
  • Text and icon horizontal positioning
  • Optional Saturday and Sunday business hours
  • Optional custom button image



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06 Jun 2015
Intel 64 / OS X