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16 October 2019

Smart cloud clipboard and snippets manager.


Paste is a new way to copy and paste. It keeps everything you've ever copied, and lets you use your clipboard history anytime you need it across all your devices. It recognizes and stores text, images, links, files, and any other type of content, and generates informative previews for easy browsing.

Paste works in the background and tightly integrates into your system and your workflow. An intuitive user interface and improved user experience allows you to focus on your core tasks and not on the application itself.

  • Extends your clipboard history capacity up to unlimited
  • Pinboards and favorite snippets
  • iCloud sync across all your devices running Paste
  • History management, rules and exceptions
  • Intelligent search with flexible filters
  • Select and paste multiple items simultaneously
  • Drag-and-drop multiple items to any application
  • Paste plain or rich text
  • Send clipboard history to other devices via AirDrop or share with your friends

What's new in Paste

Version 2.5.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.13 or later

  • For those who prefer using a mouse or touchpad, Paste gets one click closer: a single click on the staus item in the main menu bar activates Paste while a right-click brings the good-old menu;
  • For the keyboard shortcuts fans, a sequential Shift+Cmd+V (or your own activation shortcut) from now on will navigate you through your pinboards instead of hiding Paste.

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28 April 2015

Most helpful

I have tried many clipboard tools before and found only very few that gives me the features I need. So I gave Paste a try (by purchasing it in the MAS as there is no demo available) and I have to say it looks and feels great. But I also know right now it won't make it into my daily arsenal and it won't be my preferred tool because mainly of: - it has too much focus in daily work. I generally find it more useful if a "helper" app - well, is a helper that won't bring up its own UI - no favourites - no lists/groups - no support for Illustrator (AI/SVG) previews But I know, it is a new app and there is still hope it will be improved over time. So at the moment I will stay with PTHPasteboard and Copy'em Paste. btw: I am still dreaming of a clipboard manager that supports tags. Just imagine being able to store clips to different lists, tag them and even build intelligent lists out of tags.
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Version 1.0.1
08 December 2018
Good useful app.
Version 2.4.1
15 July 2018
It's good enough for "average users" I guess, and eye-candy, but definitely not as good as Clipboard Center (by far the most practical ever made, and I've used my share.. but unfortunately possibly left to die by its maker.. super sad, still works very well but no update in a loooong time).

To me Paste is trying to hard to be cute and "modern", however the horizontal pinboards are not practical when you have many (developers and such who keep lots of code and pinboards (sets), also there is not edit function.

I guess I would maybe recommend Paste to my mom and Clipboard Center to professionals.
Version 2.3.9
30 May 2018
Looking for a new clipboard manager at the moment. I hear good things about Paste and Copyem Paste, but wanting to compare and get something that works via keyboard shortcuts (not a purely visual interface) and light-weight. Has anyone tried both Paste and Copyem Paste?
Version 2.3.7
10 May 2018
I have been using Paste for a few months now, as a replacement for an older 32-bit app. I also use LaunchBar. LaunchBar has a clipboard history manager built into it, but after testing I decided that Paste has enough additional features to warrant an additional app on my system, which is significant since I tend to be a minimalist, says my spouse. (Well, I have had the same single mechanical pencil on my desk since about 2002.) The ability to easily search the history and the clear indication of date/time and what app a clip was copied from are features that I like.

Oh, I have not used the new syncing feature and do not intend to. In general, I try to do all my work on a single laptop Mac. Syncing is a challenge for both users and developers. That's not to say that Paste hasn't nailed it. I just don't need to know :)
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Version 2.3.6
30 March 2018
Very nice design. I would love and certainly buy it if Paste is working with no problem with Adobe CC products. I tested with the following
1. InDesign – Paste doesn't work at all
2. Illustrator – Paste copy just coded text from Illustrator. It would be great if the developer takes a look at these issues. Paste will be the perfect tool for me.
Version 2.3.3
29 January 2018
Love it, it's an integral part of my workflow, I can't imagine not having it. Bonus point: the developer is ultra responsive.
Version 2.2.5
28 January 2018
I love this app. Paste is different when it comes to "clipboard manager" apps. I love the interface and how beautiful it is, not to mention it fits seamlessly into my workflow. Throughout my day, I copy a lot of stuff and need to refer to it here and there. Paste allows me to set up a hotkey and then all I have to do is press my key command and it will bring up a "card-like" interface for which I can then easily and neatly see a history of the things that I have copied lately. What I also really like about this is that it will show me which app that I copied the information from which is also very useful. For the small price of $9.99, I would recommend this app to everyone. Its a new app that I have recently discovered that is going into my "indispensable tool belt" of apps that I want to always have on my machine!
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Version 2.2.5
23 November 2017
Still looking for a replacement to PTHPasteboard Pro. Paste 1 worked for me because I could slide the mouse to the right of the screen and out popped the clips. Not sure why this one doesn't.
Version 2.2.5
03 October 2017
DOESN'T WORK in High Sierra!!! Paste 'unexpectedly quits" and flashes a bug report window - BUT the bug report window disappears before an entry can be made!!
Version 2.2.3
3 answer(s)
04 October 2017
Please, contact us to and share some more info, will try to help!
04 October 2017
Thanks for getting back to me (Developer)! I have that problem with High Sierra (although I never had it with Sierra) for my Mac App Store version, which is still 2.2.3. I installed the DEMO for version 2.2.4 (not yet available via the Mac App Store) - which made the problem disappear. I will use the functioning DEMO (i.e., version 2.2.4 for 7 days, hoping the Mac App Store will update to v2.2.4 before my DEMO trial ends.
08 October 2017
ALL IS OK!. The Mac App Store update (to version 2.2.4), works perfectly with High Sierra - and it became available within a few days of my trying the Trial version. By the way, I add many thanks to the Developer for his quick and thorough response to my questions (he even included troubleshooting suggestions).
30 November 2016
This looks great!
Version 2.1.1


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later
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