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Mach Note1.2.1

18 September 2018

iCloud-based note taking and audio recording.


Mach Note is a powerful note-taking application, featuring freehand notes in a native PDF format, audio recording in a native M4A format, and word processing in RTF format. Using the PDF format, Freehand Notes are synced across all your devices (via iCloud) so you always have the latest version of your Notes with you - regardless of device. And since Mach Note uses the PDF format, you can annotate PDFs with powerful Note-taking tools *and* your Notes are ready for Mobile, Desktop, Web, and Print right from the get go: No more manually exporting notes and uploading files - Mach Note handles everything for you! Mach Note also lets you record Audio using your device’s built in microphone, and you can see your Audio with our stunning 3D Visualizer which works for both Recording and Playback. As well as being super easy to use; with all these features Mach Note gives you with an unparalleled Note-taking experience.

With iCloud Drive, you can take Notes on the go and have your Notes ready at your Mac or Windows PC already downloaded when you get home And If that wasn't enough, PDFs and RTFs can be transferred instantly from one device to another with iCloud HandOff so you can start working on one device, and continue on another (iPhone, iPad, and Mac).

  • Freehand draw on Notes using native PDF format with "Vector" note taking tools such as Pencil, Eraser, and Highlighter; keeping PDF file sizes small
  • Record Audio in M4A format with stunning 3D visualizer; M4A Audio files are synced to all your devices
  • RTF Word processing support for instances when all you need is the keyboard
  • iCloud support keeps your documents in Sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac; and with iCloud Drive, Windows PCs and well
  • iCloud HandOff lets you start work on one device and continue on another (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
  • DOC/DOCX Read support on iOS, DOC/DOCX Read/Write support on OS X
  • Text Tool lets your Touch/Click to Type anywhere (iPad/Mac)
  • Cut Tool Makes it easy to reposition PDF content
  • Add Images, Text, and Web Pages to a PDF instantly (iPad/Mac)
  • Full Speech-To-Text Dictation support anywhere you can Type (Press Dictation key on keyboard on iOS, press "Fn" key twice on OS X)
  • iCloud is completely optional - Mach Note works just as well offline as online!

What's new in Mach Note

Version 1.2.1:
  • Updated User interface
  • Fixed various bugs throughout the application

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