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18 February 2015

Surfboard Shaping Suite.


AKU Shaper software empowers users to design surfboards from a shaper's perspective, letting you to focus on the design of the surfboard instead of the complexity of the tool.

Nearly half a million boards are produced each year on AKU Shaper. It's an integrated software and hardware surfboard shaping package, battle tested daily by top shapers across the globe.

Note: AKU Shaper requires a specific machine to manufacture the product. Info can be found here: http://www.akushaper.com/#machine

Note: This application requires a monthly subscription, there are multiple tiers that can be seen here: http://www.akushaper.com/pricing.

What's new in Aku Shaper

Version 2.2.7:
  • Enhanced the 3D Bay to slide the board horizontally. This offers the shaper the experience of seeing the board at eye level as it changes from nose to tail. Use the 'a' and 'd' keys for keyboard use or the sliding dial.
  • STL and OBJ file format export for heavyweight subscribers. (File -> Export)
  • Adopted Mac App Store entitlements. Soon the app and updates will be published automatically through the Mac App Store.
  • New PDF printout for full sized printing for upandcomer and above subscribers. (File -> Export)
  • Shortcut keys for selecting panels (mouse over for tooltip)
  • More detailed information for bug reporting and feature requests
  • Preserves selected panel when a non-BRX board is loaded after a BRX board was displayed
  • Removed non-relevant hide/show options
  • Changed default support directory on Mac to conform to Apple standards
  • Updated for Mac App store embedding Java 7 JRE
Bug fixes:
  • Improvements to speed of Board Manager (File -> Board Manager)
  • Save_and_Reload preserves current slice
  • Improved double-click open reliability
  • Adding new slice in ft-decimal reflects accurate units
  • Erroneous BRX board length change corrected
  • Fixed length and thickness dialog ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ bug
  • Fixed MSS saving bug

Requirements for Aku Shaper

  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later

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