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17 March 2020

Generate native installers and application launchers for Java applications.


Install4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications.

What's new in Install4j

Version 8.0.5:
New features:
  • In development environments, the API runtime dependency now automatically provides the native libraries that are required by some API calls
  • In development environments, the .install4j runtime directory can now be specified with the system property -Dinstall4j.runtimeDir. This allows all API calls to work, including those that require access to the config file, such as Variables.getCompilerVariable(...).
  • Multiple timestamp signing services are now tried in the case of a failure. The default is now DigiCert with a fallback to GlobalSign. This can be changed on a per-project basis as explained in the documentation.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • "Download file" action: If the digest file was created with an external tool that produces upper case letters, the check would fail
  • "Execute SQL script" action: Regexp delimiters and compound delimiters with a line break like ";n" did not work
  • "Check for running processes" action: Prevent closing the process dialog with the window close button
  • "Set the owner of files and directories" action: Leading and trailing spaces in the "owner" property were not trimmed and lead to an unhelpful error message
  • The native log files of Windows installers was not deleted
  • Fixed deadlock during auto-save or while saving the project when the floating license server connection was lost
  • Fixed memory leak when running in-process installer applications multiple times
  • When using the filter text field in the certificate selection dialogs, the wrong certificate was selected
  • The check whether modules are used by launchers was not made for merged projects, so a non-modular runtime library could be generated leading to a runtime failure in a merged launcher
  • Text mode overrides for bean properties did not work for elevated actions
  • Installers could throw an LzmaException for large data files
  • Arguments in .vmoptions files were not trimmed on macOS
  • API: If a scheduled version has already been installed manually, return false for UpdateChecker.isUpdateScheduled()
  • macOS: Command line executables could not use bundled JRE in macos folder archives due to notarization requirements
  • macOS: The reported file sizes of notarized media files in updates.xml was wrong
  • macOS: Fixed signing Java 9+ JRE bundles for macOS folder archives when the build runs on macOS or Linux

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