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24 September 2019

Generate native installers and application launchers for Java applications.


Install4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications.

What's new in Install4j

Version 8.0.2:
New features:
  • "Create a file association" action: The "File extension" property now accepts a comma-separated list of file extensions
  • When setting -Dinstall4j.logTimestamps=true, each message in the log file is prepended with a time stamp
Bugs fixed:
  • Regression in 8.0: The back button was not visible if a screen had the "Safe back button" mode enabled and a previous screen that could not be reached with the back button had actions that could be executed multiple times
  • Regression in 8.0: Tabbed panes in form screens could no longer be added
  • Regression in 8.0: When setting an alternative log file, some content from the top of the log file was truncated
  • AdoptOpenJDK provider did not work for Java 13
  • JDK provider JAR files for custom JDK providers were not present in the "resource" directory of the install4j installation
  • The VM passthrough parameters prefixed with -J were not added after the .vmoptions file so they would not override values in the .vmoptions file
  • The value of the compiler variable sys.time could vary during the build
  • If redirection files for launchers were specified with subdirectories, the relative paths could have the wrong path separator
  • Component selection tree: If the changeability of a component folder changed because of the state of its child nodes, the check box was not updated until the mouse was moved over it
  • Text form components: The "Key validation expression" and the "Key listener script" did not log exceptions
  • Windows launchers: The -Xss VM parameter was not used for the main thread
  • macOS: An additional entitlements file did not work when media files were compiled on Windows

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