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13 January 2015

Helps people with different needs to type faster, better and easier.


TypeRocket use 'shortcuts' that should be typed by the user in order to obtain a different output.
Available Features:
  • Simple Shortcuts: Type small shortcuts and replace them by long sentences like 'asap' could be replaced by 'as soon as possible'
  • Edition Shortcuts: Type shortcuts with inputs to manipulate its contents like change from lowercase to UPPERCASE
  • Date & Time: Very sophisticate features to let you calculate dates and times on the go like the actual date in two weeks
  • Location: Very sophisticate features to let you get many informations from your location from, GPS coordinates to full addresses.
  • Translation: Very sophisticate feature to let you type sentences in any language and obtain the translated text and also, if you like to, you can hear how this sentence would sound like in another language that can help you to have a better accent
  • Weather: Very sophisticate feature to let you type shortcuts in order to obtain weather forecasts like what is the weather for tomorrow
  • Formula: Very sophisticate feature to let you create formulas that can be solved on the go like '2+4' would be replaced by '6'
Extra Features:
  • Up to 80 rich shortcuts and #hashtags to help you get started and understand how it works
  • Supports up to 5 languages such as English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French for graphic interface
  • Supports up to 19 languages for translations and many more will be added soon

What's new in TypeRocket

Version 1.1.7:
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improve security over License Serial method
  • Complient with 1.1.7 TypeRocket Setup installer from AppStore

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