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03 June 2020

Beautiful cross-device messaging app.


Wire is simple, beautiful conversations on your phone, tablet and desktop. Talk or message with friends, message with groups. Share pictures, links, SoundCloud music and YouTube videos. Wire works on iOS and OS X, it is inspired by and developed for the latest in hardware.

Wire is a conversation experience like no other.

What's new in Wire

Version 3.18.3728:
New Features
  • Download logs from menu
Bug Fixes
  • Reflect empty team image update
  • Team picture is optional
  • Check proxy protocols explicitly
  • Use app.quit instead of app.exit
  • Don't check twice for single instance
  • Hide access token from logs, add version to logs
  • Don't crash on window reloading errors
Other Changes
  • Desktop 3.18 version update
  • Do not deploy macOS to app center but also not fail

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6 Reviews of Wire

20 July 2017
Version: 2.15

Most helpful

This is a good app, and the service has improved significantly. The negative ratings here are unfair.
20 July 2017
Version: 2.15
This is a good app, and the service has improved significantly. The negative ratings here are unfair.
22 September 2016
Version: 2.10
a messenger with strong encryption, but then you force the app store on us? please provide a regular download!
02 June 2016
Version: 2.7
Didn't mean to post a review as I work at Wire… Doesn't seem to be a way to delete it though…
18 January 2016
Version: 2.4
"Bring your friends to Wire by uploading your Contacts"
What could possible go wrong? The NSA will be happy to know the details about your address book.

@Whisperquiet: Signal messaging app or Jitsi do not upload your contacts and both use strong encryption to protect the message contents. Both obviously not the case for "Wire".
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05 December 2014
Version: 1.0
App Built by Former Skype Employees Retracts Promise Not to Read Your Messages: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/wire-built-by-ex-skype-employees-retracts-promise-not-to-read-your-messages Here's a rather important reason for another half-star rating.
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04 December 2014
Version: 1.0
A01110010101, you obviously have your reasons as to why you only give this app half a star. Would you mind filling us in as to why? TIA