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05 October 2019

Easy-to-navigate offline Bible app.


Bible is an easy-to-navigate offline Bible app with a smart UI and lots of useful features. It will allow you to dive into the sacred scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. Bible is a complete package for Bible study with a modern approach to it. It is simple, elegant, and beautiful.

  • Completely revamped design
  • Search book
  • Powerful Bible search: now search verse with chapter and verse number
  • Decrease or increase font size
  • Choose from eight background colors to read bible
  • Choose from 12 font styles to read bible
  • Increase or decrease speed of speech
  • Change background color of the presentation view
  • Hide left-pane, which consist book list
  • Now search bible with book name, verse number
  • Fight highlighted verses sorted into different colors.
  • Now save journals into different folders
  • Add sermons: Take notes with voice recording
  • Bible concordance is added
  • More than 50 new Bible bersions have been added
  • Easy-to-navigate smart UI
  • Add more than 100 Bible versions/translations into the app library
  • Write journals or take notes and save them for future reference
  • Share journals via all the available sharing options
  • Search Verse: Search the entire Bible with keywords and get to a specific chapter or book
  • Parallel Reading: Open two different Bible translations side-by-side and cross-reference
  • Option to scroll both translations together or separately
  • Mark Bible verses as favorite and browse all of them in one place
  • Highlight Bible verses with color and browse all of them in one place
  • Copy Bible verse from the app and paste anywhere
  • Daily Verse: Get inspirational Bible quotes daily on a small pop up
  • Speak Mode: The Bible reads out Bible verses for you
  • Presentation Mode: Show scriptures from Bible to a projector screen or a secondary monitor in fullscreen.

Bible version/translation list:

  • Albanian Version
  • American King James Version
  • American Standard Version
  • Amplified Bible
  • Ang Dating Biblia
  • Bible Martin 1844
  • Chinese Union Version
  • Contemporary English Version
  • Czech BKR
  • Dutch Statenvertaling
  • Elberfelder 1871
  • Elberfelder 1905
  • English Standard Version
  • Esperanto Bible
  • Finish Version
  • French Darby
  • French Louis Segond
  • Hindi Bible
  • Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia 1649
  • KJV - Thai
  • Korean Version
  • Las Sagradas Escrituras
  • Luther 1912
  • Modern Greek
  • Modern Hebrew Bible
  • Modern King James Version
  • New American Standard Version
  • New Chinese Version Simplified
  • New International Version
  • New King James Version
  • New Living Translation
  • New Revised Standard Version
  • New Vietnamese Bible (2002)
  • Nova Vulgata
  • Portuguese Version
  • Reina Valera 1989
  • Riveduta 1990
  • Rumanian Version
  • Russian Synodal Translation
  • Schlachter 1951
  • Spanish Reina-Valera
  • Swedish 1917 Version
  • The Message Bible
  • Ukrainian Version
  • Vietnamese Version
  • World English Bible
  • Young’s Literal Translation

What's new in Bible

Version 5.17:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  • Improved theme & translations.
  • Optimised.
  • Worked on some featured suggested by our users.

8 Bible Reviews

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12 April 2015

Most helpful

How about an option to mark Bible verses as disliked? Those two Romans 13: 1-2 verses are just horrible. Clearly a way to try to control people using ”God” as tool to keep people in their places. The ”Learning” sections just confirms that. The app looks great, so good job on that. :)
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Version 1.5
06 October 2019
What is the upside to using an eBook, except multiple versions?
Version 5.17
26 November 2018
Can't say enough about this program. The Developer keeps this app updated, fulfills client request and is always up to date for the latest Mac OS. It is everything you want an app to be, including great GUI, wonderful ease of use and a very short learning curve. I recommend this program without reservation. Thanks again to the developer(s) for always keeping "Bible" up to date and trouble-free!
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Version 4.18
1 answer(s)
21 January 2019
I especially appreciate how the developer has responded to the praise here by his supporters.

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10 November 2018
It's a great Bible app for macOS
Version 4.16
28 October 2018
Great Program! Always updated with great care for the end user. I have used this program for years and have never once regretted it. Highly recommended and endorsed. The cost is nominal, the app is highly user-friendly, with a great GUI! I can't imagine most anyone requiring more out of a Bible program than Bible 4.13
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Version 4.13
13 September 2016
This looks like a nice app. But, as many years as the App Store has been in operation, I have not purchased a single app from them, and I don't plan to any time soon. I hate the business model, and I wonder if companies are aware that there are people who would be willing to purchase their apps independently, even at a higher price.
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Version 3.2.4
1 answer(s)
26 November 2017
Completely agree. Have never purcahsed and app from the app store, nor from the Googleplay store for phone. Same reason
22 May 2015
Version 1.5
22 May 2015
I love this Bible. It is one of the best ones so far in the App Store.
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Version 1.5
12 April 2015
How about an option to mark Bible verses as disliked? Those two Romans 13: 1-2 verses are just horrible. Clearly a way to try to control people using ”God” as tool to keep people in their places. The ”Learning” sections just confirms that. The app looks great, so good job on that. :)
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Version 1.5


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later
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