3.1b1 12 Jul 2003

Multimedia creation tool.


Developer website: eZedia Inc.

eZediaMX revolutionizes cross-platform media integration and editing with a unique visual linking environment and intuitive interface. It combines superior media handling with innovative interactivity tools and easy-to-use logic elements that will unleash one's imagination and enhance their digital lifestyle. eZediaMX can be used to quickly and easily create digital portfolios, storyboards, business presentations, multimedia slide shows, animations and interactive CD-Rom projects.

Utilizing the latest technologies from QuickTime, Java and OpenGL, eZediaMX provides advanced features such as movie and media masking, non-destructive video editing, animation, text to speech, sound mixing and fading and full control of VRs all without any programming or scripting. It has never been easier to combine and edit all media formats including video, graphics, animation, sound, MP3s, VRs and text.

What's New

Version 3.1b1 adds the following:
  • eZediaMX Composite: New export compositor that allows the user to record the playback, with any user interaction, of an eZediaMX project as it is being exported to a non-interactive video that can be used in other video editing products.
  • Key Point Editor: The Key Point Editor allows the user to animate media-text, graphics, and movies-by adjusting the position, rotation, scale, and opacity levels of the media as it moves along a Path Object.
  • Rotate and Flip Images: Graphic Object Edit palette includes new tools that allows for rotation and flipping of images.
  • Create Path Object Using Shape Tool: Shape Object functionality allows users to create a Path Object from a drawn shape created with the Shape tool.
  • GoTo Objects Can Quit Project: GoTo Objects include new Quit functionality that allows users to exit the current running presentation.
  • Live Timer Output: Container Object's Live Timer output is now recognized by Branch Object.


Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later, Java 1.3.1 Update 1 for OS X 10.1.3 - 10.1.5.


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