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30 August 2018

Logic puzzle game.


elarel is a free game that will challenge your mind.


Try and try again to defeat the devious contraptions and devilish creaturesset out for you in 27 hand-crafted levels!

Take as long as you like to solve the puzzles, no reflexes or speed required.

Do you have what it takes to get through the game...with your sanity intact?

What's new in Elarel

Version 1.2:
  • The game now has a total of 30 levels
  • Fixed bugs
  • Four new levels with new types of puzzles (levels 8, 9, 10 and 13)
  • Replaced the bottom-right puzzle in level 21 (The Reflecting Rooms) with a better one, and made various changes throughout the level to make it less finicky
  • Reorganized levels for a better difficulty curve
  • Fixed a bug in level 24 (The Frozen Archipelago) that made it unsolvable (due to a change in mechanics from v1.1)
  • Fixed a bug in level 26 (Steppin' out over the line) that made it unsolvable (due to a bug from v1.1)
  • Fixed a bug in level 29 (Her Last Bow) that made it unsolvable (due to a bug from v1.1)
  • An internal system was implemented to automatically ensure solvability of all levels and user levels before release
  • Small changes made to levels 30 (The Old Laboratory) and user level 12 (Tricks 'n Traps) to support the updated object mechanics of this version
  • Level 13 of previous version ("Gravity") moved to user level category
  • Five levels are now unlocked by default instead of four
Object mechanics
  • Objects can now be pushed onto rafts, and spiders can move onto them
  • Carts will now touch neighbouring balls, arrows, and balloons while moving past them
  • An object going through a conveyor belt will now try to push any object in its way in the belt
  • If there is an object at the exit of a conveyor belt, any object going through the belt will try once to push the object and any objects in front of that object
  • Blackballs can now be directed by fast-forwards even if they would move in a direction contrary to gravity (except exactly opposite)
  • Carts can no longer fall down holes if the cart contains a treasure chest
  • If a slanted wall is diagonally adjacent to a door, the tiles will now seamlessly connect
  • If a laser beam hits into a closed door, the beam will now continue until the edge of the door
  • Fixed a bug where a drawbridge would not face the proper direction, depending on neighbouring tiles
  • Fixed a bug where a dangling laser beam would remain if a laser was toggled and the new beam hit the player
  • Fixed a bug where a laser on a cart that is destroyed in a hole would not remove its associated laser beams
  • Updated some death animations in the Halloween tileset for a more consistent look
  • Objects being pushed by a conveyor belt or fast-forward and who are not in their initial object state will now always maintain their correct image during animation
Bug fixes:
  • The player will now correctly interact with the ground square after moving to pick up a chest or other board object
  • Conveyor belts can no longer be pushed offscreen
  • Fixed a bug on Windows where a 'not responding' dialog would temporarily display during long conveyor belt/fast-forward sequences
  • More accurate detection of infinite movement loops (fixed a false positive)
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on an ice square would make the game unresponsive
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a group of blackballs fell together with gravity horizontal
  • Fixed a rare bug that sometimes improperly loaded levels with object connections
  • Fixed several bugs with level solution loading
  • Fixed an improper memory handling issue that occurred when picking up a pickaxe
  • Editor now has a wider toolbar to remove the need to scroll down to see more objects
  • The lever toggle sound will now only play if the player has toggled it
  • The 'bump' sound that plays when a player tries to move into something that can't be moved is now played more consistently

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3 Reviews of Elarel

28 December 2015
Version: 1.0.7

Most helpful

This is really a great little game, but I don't understand what's new, I've 1.0.7 version since june 2015
30 August 2018
Version: 1.2
Hi Jonathan, Thanks a lot for all these improvements, this game is so addictive. Some levels are very tricky (the 11th for example).
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17 May 2018
Version: 1.1
Wow, just like Blobbo for classic macOS. Thanks!
28 December 2015
Version: 1.0.7
This is really a great little game, but I don't understand what's new, I've 1.0.7 version since june 2015
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