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QtWeb Browser3.8.5

09 September 2013

Lightweight, secure and portable browser.


QtWeb has been developed to be the most compact and fastest portable browser for the web surfing.

  • Large installation and installed package size - makes inconvenient to distribute them in the environment where media space is limited
  • Lack of, or very poor portability - most applications either unable to run as stand-alone executable (without installation), or require a lot of supporting files
  • A lot of dependencies - in all cases to run the software you require either installed ActiveX, or a lot of supporting DLLs Not flexible
  • User Interface - customization sometimes offered via Skins, however we didn't find the way of simulating another OS styles
  • Poor privacy - in all tested cases after full browser reset and de-installation - we detected some Registry entries, or files being left in user folders
QtWeb browser seeks to address all of these issues in a sleek, easily customizable, lightweight browser app.

What's new in QtWeb Browser

Version 3.8.5:

Note: MacUpdate Desktop and Finder do not report a version number for this app; the dev states it is 3.8.5.

  • Qt Framework is upgraded to the version 4.8.5
  • Added Shift-JIS encoding
  • Redesigned searches dialog and model
  • WebInspector integration improved
  • downloaded files are opening in the right program (or in the file manager) on all systems
  • Added support for non-latin filenames in downloads
  • Fixed urlencoded links and added support for cyrillic domains
  • Fixed cyrillic logins and passwords in password manager
  • Fixed google suggest for non-latin searches
  • Fixed cookies with https over proxy [Issue 122]
  • Show notfound.html when loading error occurs
  • Fixed empty cache function [Issue 171]
  • Fixed russian language in languages list in settings
  • Fixed download small files
  • Fixed crash on close DownloadManager's FileDialog
  • Fixed progress in address bar
  • Block ads properly [Issue 173]
  • Prevent url changing to "about:blank" on error
  • Fixed crash on plus.google.com on windows
  • Fixed webkit bug #60448 (crash on softpedia.com)

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