3.0.1 20 Feb 2018

View all your Dropbox activity, past and present.


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Revisions lets you see all file edits in your Dropbox, and restore old versions of files and entire folders with the click of a button. In essence, this is "unlimited undo" for your entire Dropbox! For instance, you can use Revisions to:

  • check what files your coworker changed over the weekend, and investigate exactly what in those files was changed
  • restore the contents of a shared folder after your colleague deleted a large bunch of files to make room in her own Dropbox, inadvertently deleting your copies of the files in the process
  • keep track of what files you or your team worked on in any given week, and exactly what you accomplished

In essence, Revisions provides for "track changes" functionality for all the files in your Dropbox. Under the hood, Revisions relies on functionality already built into Dropbox: For all accounts (including free accounts), Dropbox stores all versions of all your files for the past 30 days. For paid accounts with the optional 'packrat' feature, and for business accounts, Dropbox stores your entire history, indefinitely. Revisions allows you to access and make use of all this data of yours in an intuitive way.

Using Revisions you can use Dropbox as a simple online backup solution, allowing you to restore old versions of your files in case you or somebody else makes a mistake that deletes or modifies your files. Revisions allows you to use a variety of external apps to show the details of individual file edits: You may use Kaleidoscope, Changes, Araxis Merge, BBEdit, or TextWrangler to see changes in text-format files. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's New

Version 3.0.1:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • The app has been updated to use the new Dropbox API (version 2), as the old API is deprecated. All versions of Revisions prior to version 3.0 will not be able to access Dropbox anymore after January 31st, 2018. See the News page for more information.


  • OS X 10.10 or later


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